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Ashneer Grover Shark Tank Judge Top 10 Facts

ashneer grover shark tank judge facts

Ashneer Grover shark Tank judge is often known as ” Angry Bird” in the show. Shark Tank, India featured on Indian Television TV, for the first time in 2021. The show gave him in same fame to ashneer Grover co-founder of Bharatpe. 

Ahneer’s cutthroat words against entrepreneurs and is serious Outlook made in Unique. This gave him immense love from the audience. 

So here are the top 10 unheard facts on Ashneer Grover, Shark Tank Judge

Ashneer Groover Shark Tank India judge

Ashneer is mostly famous for his abusive and nonfiltered words. His word most of the time hurts entrepreneurs’ emotions like 

  • Doglapan”(useless or mischievous)
  • ” Thu kya Kar Raha he” (what are you doing)
  • ” Thumse nahi ho payaga” (you are not capable)
  • “Dhandha Band Kardo” (shutdown of the business)
  • ” Bekaar Business he” 

So these are some of the famous dialogues of Ashneer Grover in Shark Tank Show. He is straight to the point and never sugarcoats his arguments. He will be in reality and speaks directly in front of entrepreneurs.

In sharp tank India Season 1, Ashneer Grover was angry at various entrepreneurs such as 

  • Sippline startup founder
  • Bummer startup founder
  • Naabi startup founder

Sippline founder

There was a massive clash between Ashneer And Sippline’s founder. Here sippline founder was abused harshly. He was outspoken against the product and the Sippline founder. 

Sippline is a product that provides a strip on the top of the glass. But the idea did not hit the investors at Shark Tank India. Among all, Ashneer was very upset and angry with the products. 

Then Sippline founder took Ashneer on social media to post the development of his products in the market. He always points out indirectly on every social media encounter. 

This is one of the top 10 unheard facts on Ashneer Grover.

Shark Tank Editor

There is no doubt, Shark Tank India was a massive hit. Most of the time, Grover uses abusive words or harsh comments against the entrepreneurs. 

However, the show must protect the reputation of the investors in the show. 

So Shark Tank editor, always asks permission to feature his witty comments on the TV show or not. Then Ashneer will not interfere in the edits and gives entire freedom for them. 

Because he believes that he was just straightforward and did not target any entrepreneurs.

Bhartape and its success

However, Bhartpe was started by Shashvat Nakrani in 2018. But, Ashneer Grover’s experience and business plan made Bharat pay successful. 

Shashvat Nakrani approached Ashneer to join the company. However, Grovers knows him as an IIT Delhi batchmate. So, he left Golfers ( now Blinkit) 

from the post of CFO to start his journey with Bharatpe. 

Ahsneer Grover Made up his mind within 5 hours of meeting with Shashvat nakrani to be part of Bharatpe.

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Ashneer Grover Success Strategy in Bharatpe

top 10 facts about ashneer grover shark tank judge
Ashneer Grover networth 2022
  • Bharatpe was the first tech in UPI where anyone could pay 

using a single Bharatepe QR code. As it was the first interoperable interface in the UPI payment space. 

  • During the rise of UPI payments, Ashneer Grover decided not to charge or cut transactions from merchants. So, Bharatpe became the first UPI payment app with zero transaction fees.
  • On the other side, Paytm and Phonepe were charging 2% to 3% of transaction fees. Here Bharatpe won the trust of the merchants. 
  • Ashneer Grover made all the strategies to make Bharatpe a successful company. Every six months, he use to launch unique services or products. 

Even, his enormous experience in the fintech space, made it possible to get huge investments in Bharatpe. Ashneer played an instrumental role in the success of Bharatpe.

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Employee to entrepreneur journey

Ashneer Grover’s education was formal as in every Indian household. As his father was CA and his mother was a teacher, insisted he studies. 

So, the Ashnneer Grover family did not have any business background. Everyone is from the professional field. Here, Ashneer did not get any kind of exposure in business. 

Therefore he believed that education is a passport to success. Here is a glimpse of Ashneer Grover education 

EducationTime Line
IIT Delhi (Civil Engineering)2000 to 2004
INSA ( French Program ) 2002 to 2003
IIM Ahmedabad (MBA)2004-2006
Ashneer Grover Education time line

So after formal education, Ashneer kept on following traditional routes of job. In 2004, right after his IIM, he got placed in Kotak Mahindra Bank. 

Ashneer worked in Kotak Mahindra Mahindra Bank for over 7 years. Then some of his friends were mocking to be long years in a single company. Finally, Ashneer made up his mind to change his job. 

Here is a list of companies that Ashneer Grover worked 

  1. Vice President – Kotak Investment Banking from 2006 to 2013
  2. Director – American Express from 2013 to 2015 
  3. Chief Financial Office- Grofers from 2015 to 2017 
  4. Head Of New Business- PC Jeweller– 2017 Nov to 2018 October 

So these are all the educational and professional backgrounds of Ashneer Grover. 

During working at American Express, he got the opportunity to meet

Many entrepreneurs invest in their firms. So, Ashneer invested in hundreds of companies on behalf of American Express. 

So he hear entrepreneurial stories from the founders, and this made in inspired him toward entrepreneurship.

American Express, Grofers, and Bharatpe – Ashneer startup journey

Even Ashneer Grover met Vijay Shekhar Sharma during his pitch of Paytm. So, Ashneer was inspired by Vijay as well. 

Then Albinder Dhindsa, IIT Delhi Batch approached Ashneer to get investment from American Express for his Startup Grofers. Then, finally, Ashneer became the CFO of Grofers and also led a crucial role in developing Grofers. 

So, Ashneer Grovers, first startup experience is Grofers were was in the CFO position. Finally, in 2018 Nakrani met him and told him his idea, then Ashneer became the co-founder of Bharatpe. 

From being an employee to being a successful entrepreneur and now one of the most famous Sharks in ” Shark Tank India” season 1.

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Ashneer Grover’s Wife and beautiful love story

Ashneer Grover was very studious and focused on education all the time. It is not to call him a “NERD” because he told in many interviews, where believed that education is the passport to success. 

But most of us will be mesmerized by Ashneer Grover’s love story. After finishing his from IIT Delhi, he joined IIM Ahmedabad in 2004. Here, in IIM Ahmedabad, he met Madhuri Jain. 

Ashner Grover accepted in an interview, that his love story in IIM and eventually marrying his Girlfriend Madhuri Jain. 

“This would be at the top of the list as Top 10 Unheard Facts on Ashneer Grover.”

Even Ashneer Grover wife, Madhuri had a strong professional background. She worked as an Interior Designer at Satya Paul and Alok Industry. Later, Madhuri Jain came into the entrepreneurial space with her furnishing startup ” Mauve and Brown”. 

Then, she joined Bharatpe and took various roles in the HR and Finance departments. No sooner she handled all the internal operations at Bharatpe.

Ashneer Grover fraud claim at Bharatpe

fraud by ashneer grover and his wife madhuri jain
Bharatpe fraud by Ashneer and his wife

Ashneer Grover and Kotak Management deal

It was all going well in Ashneer Grover’s life until the viral audio call broke out. An Audio went on viral on social media, where Ashneer was abusing Kotak employees not securing pre IPO deal with Nykaa. 

From this audio leak, Ashneer Grover’s fame got shattered 

  1. After the audio call leak, to took voluntary leave for than week from Bharatpe. 
  2. Following her husband, Madhuri Jain also went on leave 
  3. Then Bharatpe claimed that Ashneer Grover and Madhuri Jain created fake bills. 
  4. Even there were fake merchants, where Madhuri Jain approved lakhs of the loan amount. 
  5. Later it came to light that, Madhuri Jain went on expensive tours spending the company’s money. 
  6. Now, BharatPe filed a case on the Ashneer Grovers family for fraud of 88 crores. 
  7. Also, Bharatpe is trying to snatch away Ashneer Grover’s equity of 3.5%.

These are some of the events that occurred between Bharatpe and Ashneer Grover. But on the other side, Ashneer Grover is claiming that investors framing him to knock off the company. 

Ashneer told that his fame in Shark Tank India instigated all the hate and plan against him. Because now Ashneer Grover’s fame might harm the company’s growth, as his one mistake can make the company suffer a lot. 

Now Ashneer Grover is a new hero in the startup ecosystem in India. 

Ashneer Grover Resgination

On February 28th,2022, Ashneer Grover step down as Managing director and co-founder of Bharatpe.Even there case going on, in Delhi against Ashneer for the fraud of 88 crores.

 At present many allegations are made against him by Bharatpe co-founders Shashvat Nakrani and Sameer.

Still, the case is not clear, whether Ashneer or Bharatpe co-founders are innocent.

Salman Khan and the 6.5 crore deal

Ashneer Grover wanted to get a brand ambassador for Bharatpe. So he wanted Salman Khan to feature in the advertisement. 

Later, after a talk with Salman Khan’s manager, it takes 8 crores for the advertisement. However, Ashneer was ready to make some negotiations. 

So, Ashneer Grover spoke with Salman Khan over a phone call. Finally, with negotiating skills, Bhartpe co-founder, Grover made an endorsement deal at 6.5 crores.

No Drinks and Smoking 

Ashneer Grover is short-tempered, and abusive and humiliates people with harsh words. So, someone might think that Ashneer might be a ” bad boy”. 

But Ashneer Grover does not have any kind of bad habits like smoking and drinking alcohol.

 Surprisingly, the co-founder of Bharatpe and Shark Tank India Judge never drinks and smokes in his lifetime. 

So, Ashneer might reduce his temper by abusing people in his style.

So, his smoking and drinking habit is one of the Top 10 Unheard Facts on Ashneer Grover Shark Tank Judge 

Equity in Bharatpe

At present, Ashneer grove has 8.5 % of shares in Bharatpe which is worth 4000 crores.

Even there is a court hearing going on fraud of 88 crores against the Ashneer Grover family. 

Ashneer Grover Shark Tank Judge reveals some secret

Shark Tank India season 1, featuring the first time in India. So the Shark Tank team did not have a good location for the auditions. So, most of the time, the Shark Tank backend team uses Ashneer Grover’s house for auditions. 

Grofers and Albinder dindsha

There is a massive legal fight going on against Ashneer Grover Shark Tank judge, over fake bills and expenses worth 88 crores. 

But this is not the first time, Where Ashneer is facing issues with his own startup. 

Even in the Grofers, Ashneer started working in the very initial days of the growth. Where he saw from 30 orders a day to 30,000 orders a day. 

In the end, there was a clash between the founder of Grofers Albinder Dindhsa and Ashneer over the equity shares. 

So, these are some of the Top 10 Unheard Facts on Ashneer Grover Shark Tank Judge.

Top Googled Questions on Ashneer Grover

Why is Ashneer Grover not in shark Tank season 2?

As there is legal fighting going on against Ashneer Grover and Bharatpe. Then there are many allegations and a fraud worth 88 crores is proceeding at Delhi court. 

Even he resigned on February 2022 as MD and co-founder of Bharatpe. Even Ashneer might be embarrassed or not qualified to be a shark. Because every other Shark is working in their startups. 

Is Ashneer Grover a Billionaire?

No, he is not a billionaire. But his net worth is over 1500 crores. He is part of two unicorns Grofers(now Blinkit) and Bharatpe. 

is Ashneer Griver still CEO of Bharatpe? 

No, On February 28th, 2022 as Ashneer Grover resigned from MD and was co-founder of Bharatpe. Legal allegations and claims are going on in court.

Ashneer Grover and his wife Madhuri Jain created fake merchants and bills and made a lot of losses to the company. 

Is Ashneer Grover a CA? 

No, He did his in IIT Delhi, as a civil engineer and then completed his MBA at IIM Ahmedabad in 2006. 

Is Ashneer Grover vegetarian? 

It is not clear, but he openly told in ” Kapil Sharma Show” that he never habit of drinking and smoking. 

Is Ashneer Grover found of Bharatpe? 

Initially, the idea of Bharatpe of built by Shashvat Nakarani in 2018, Then he approached Ashneer to be part of Bharatpe, as he had enormous experience in fintech. Earlier Ashneer worked at Kotak bank and American Express. Finally, he became a co-founder of Bharatpe. 

What is the Rank of Ashneer Grover in JEE?
Ashneer Grover revealed his JEE rank in the examination, that he was able to score 1800 to 2500 rank. So, for this ranking, he could seat in IIT Delhi for the civil engineering branch. Then he went to IIM Ahmedabad to do his MBA.

Is Ashneer Grover had a love marriage?
Yes, during his MBA he found his soul mate Madhuri Jain. Even he use to sit in the wrong class to see her all the time.

Where is Ashneer Grover born? 

He was born on June 14, 1982, in Delhi. Then he was brought up in Delhi, Malviya Nagar and he also did his schooling in Delhi. 

Is Ashneer Grover married? 

Yes, his wife name is Madhuri Jain, his bachmate in IIM Ahemadbad. Even it is a beautiful love story. 

Is Ashneer legit?

Right now legal proceedings are going against him over the fraud in Bharatpe worth 88 crores. 

Is Ashneer Grover shark tank judge the founder of Grofers? 

No, the founder of Grofers was Albinder Dindsha. But Ashneer helped him to get investments from Sequoia, Tiger Global, and American Express. Eventually, Ashneer became the CFO (Chief Financial officer). Finally, he left Grofers in 2018 over an equity dispute against Albinder. 

How much does Ashneer Grover earn per day? 

There is no precise estimation of his earnings per day. But his net worth is over 1500 crores. As a Shark Tank Judge, Ashneer Grover was getting 10 lakhs per episode. 

Does Ashneer Grover own a bank? 

No, he does not own any bank, but he worked at Kotak investment bank for 7 years and also at American Express for two years. 

What is Ashneer Grover doing now? 

Ashneer presently came to the limelight after the launch of his book called ” Doglapan – the hardest truth about life and startups”. 

How Ashneer Grover and Shaahvat Nakrani met? 

Both were IIT Delhi batchmates, while Ashneer was working as a PC jeweler as Business head, Shashvat came and discussed the idea about the Bharatpe in 2018.

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