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Atomic Habits book portrays successful life


Now many millennials are anxious about their future. Because there is a lot of competition in the outside world. So, intensifying the hard word and getting the best outcomes stands you out. Then you can finally lead a successful lifestyle.

In the modern-day world, experts are having a lot of demands. Even giving the best outcome from your work is also influential. To become an expert in any domain one has to set goals.

But the setting goal is not enough to become an expert in the respective domain. Now, youngsters lack discipline and focus. There are a lot of distracting activities going on around them. Being highly focused is not an easy thing.

So, going on with immense focus and with horse-sharpen eyes is too way difficult. Now, cultivating relevant habits will help you in reaching your goal.

Here is this blog, one can easily learn to master anything and factors need to be looked after.

Atomic habits book portrays the best way to cultivate habits and lead a successful life.

Atomic Habits book guide

In this book, there is immense focus made to build habits in daily routine. Author James clear believes that habits can make or break human success.

Small habits can bring a tremendous amount of life changes. Habits are once cultivated then it is difficult to miss out. So, here James Clear author of the Atomic habit claims that preparing yourself every day will give you better results.

For example, if Roy tries to best at batting skills then he has to set goals. But having goals will never make a big difference. Working on his weak zone every day will make him a better version of himself every day.

So Roy instead of keeping the goal that to be the best batsman at the end of the year. Instead, Roy has to work out with his weak zone every day an hour or twice.

So, daily practicing makes him to build the skill to play well in the weak zone. Therefore, Roy will cultivate a habit to work on his weak zone every day. 

If he keeps practicing for the next six months then he will be a master in his batting skills. So, here Atomic Habits book author, James Clear insists people cultivate small habits in their routine.

Hence, small habits can bring huge outcomes in one’s life. Then from practicing regularly one will capture the habit on a subconscious level. Even if don’t want to practice but still your brain alarms to practice it.

Atomic Habits takes Time


Everything in this world has its value and time. If your want to build a good company or buy a house or get a good job it will take time.

So, one has to be consistent in the tasks. If one has to be good at something then he or she should practice daily. Then it will convert it into a habit and eventually, you will be good at it.

If you start playing cricket, you won’t end up becoming Virat Kohli. It takes an immense amount of effort and dedication. So, here one can be a master if he or she works on their skills consistently.

One has cultivated the habit of playing cricket every day. Then doing all the things in a professional manner one can achieve it.

Atomic Habits books tell that cultivating small habits in your life will shape your life better. Besides, focusing on the habits consistently will also shape a better version of yourself.

How to be successful: James Clear Author

Successful is 10 letter words with endless meaning and perspectives. Becoming a millionaire is portraits your success. Instead, satisfying your desires will make you a successful person.

Working on your mission is very important and essential. In the book Atomic Habit, Author James clear has given some rules to follow to cultivate the habit

Atomic Habits 1: Do it consistently

Many people will fail to complete their new year resolution. The major fault will be a lack of consistency and focus.

Then the other issue might be their hectic lifestyle. So, many people cannot reach their goals eventually. 

To avoid this chaos one has to work consistently. If you could not complete each cycle of your mission then he or she should not get sleep. 

This kind of attitude will only portraits if he or she cultivates work as a habit. So, this is the power of habit. Here, Jame clear tells that one has to make the habit as an obvious thing.

Atomic Habit book rule 2: Attractive Habit

Passion is nothing the activity that you love to do. Here, Jame clear suggests people have to build the habit in an attractive fashion.

One have should not hate to practice to do the activity. Here, he or she should enjoy the act while executing. Besides he or she has made the habit attractive by motivating themselves.

Habit cultivation takes lots of time and dedication. If the Habit is cultivated then no one can stop you doing not even yourself.

Rule 3 and 4: Easy and Satisfying

While cultivating the habit one has to be conscious about the execution. Habit cultivation should not compel you to stop you instead it should insist you to do it consistently. So, the way of practicing the habit also counts.

Practicing habits in toxic conditions will not give better results. So, while cultivating good habits one has to practice in a peaceful manner.

Then the last rule of the Atomic Habit book tells that Habit cultivation will give you a sense of satisfaction. And that Act one will eventually give him or her pleasure.

So, here atomic habits are the smallest part of the routine where it gives the tremendous outcome.

Therefore, one can accomplish the goals by cultivating the habits. Then Habits have the superpower to double the efficiency. Finally, James Clear suggests that people have to cultivate habits and it will uphold them in certain stages of life.

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