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CricTracker Founder Syed Sujjad Biography


In reality, success is the result of passion and hard work. So, everyone will complain about their lives every day, instead, work with enthusiasm and with great love. Then the path of success will be no far from your life. 

In this blog, we are going to learn about CricTracker founder Syed Sujjad biography. 

CricTracker Founder Syed Sujjad early days 

Everyone can make a difference in their life, only they should have the intent. Even CricTracker founder Syed Sujjad also had the intention to make a difference. 

But in life, we have to wait for the right moment. So one has to do their work sincerely, then the opportunity will follow us. 

So, Syed Sujjad comes from a humble background in Kolar. He is from a lower-middle-class family. Consequently, the upbringing was very traditional. 

Then after completing his studies, started working in a retail company. Now, Syed Sujjad has to travel to Bangalore for work. But his family was staying at Kolar. 

However, he used to travel for over 70 KM Kolar to Bangalore. So, it used to take almost 4 hours to travel. It was very frustrating for him. Then he realized he was wasting too much time while traveling. 

CricTracker founder Syed Sujjad always gives importance to time. So he decided to shift to Bangalore. Then he convinced his parents to stay in Bangalore. But finally, after all the drama, he came to Bangalore and stayed in PG. 

Since childhood, he was a football lover and become a cricket lover too. It is because of Irfan Pathan’s inspiring biography. So, Syed Sujjad had great intentions to do something in cricket. 

However, he could not become a professional cricket player. Because his parents didn’t let him do it. So, he had great intentions to do something around cricket.

CricTracker Startup story 

Not all the time good ideas can turn into successful startups. But a small attempt and consistent hard work can give excellent results. Even in the life of CricTracker founder Syed Sujjad, applied similarly. 

Once Syed Sujjad was walking in the park. Then suddenly an idea struck in his mind, to start a cricket page. However, in India, there is a use craze around cricket. Even Syed Sujjad’s interest also coincides with the craze of cricket. 

So finally, Syyed Sujjad started a cricket web page or blogging site. Initially, he was just giving unique content about cricket. In the first two months, Syed Sujjad started blogging without a domain name. 

Later, he wanted to buy a domain name. However, Syed Sujjad comes from a lower-middle-class family. So he was in a pathetic situation, where he could not afford to buy a domain name. 

Finally, he took a loan of around 10,000 from his friend. Then he started the CricTraker startup journey. 

During the first 10 months, he used to give content for fun and passion. Even some of his friends also worked for free. There was also a time when he was taught to quit. 

But the kind of engagement, he was getting was enormous. This made him write content and make something big out of it. So many times, he did not have money to pay for freelancers. 

Once he just paid a freelancer with his Diwali bonus. After telling a lie to his parents, that he did not receive a bonus. In this way, his entrepreneurial journey was going on. 

For almost 16 to 18 months, he did not get a single penny from the CricTracker page. After a while, his first earning from CricTracker was 600. Then he was very happy when 600 was credited to his bank account. 

In this way, CricTracker founder Syed Sujjad went on with his passion.

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CricTracker founder Syed Sujjad struggle

Every entrepreneur has to face ups and downs in their journey. Even in CricTracker founder Syed Sujjad life is not exceptional. 

There was a hard time for Syed Sujjad, where he struggled financially. Even the decision of quitting his job was also a tough one. Syed Sujjad got enormous responses and engagement from the CricTracker page. 

So he got to know that he can make something out of it. Finally, he decided to quit his job. Before quitting his job, he used to work tirelessly in his home. 

Even he had a lot of Sleepless Nights. On the other side, his parents for clueless about his work. 

Even on the journey of CircTracker, he could not able to afford his daily food. Many times he used to eat 2 times a day. Some days he used to you satisfied with a cup of tea. 

In his hardest time, he use to eat bread or 2 idly for a day. But his entrepreneurial spirit did not let him down. Syed Sujjad is a hard worker and also passionate about his work.

CricTracker Startup Success 


After starting CricTracker in 2013, there were a lot of hardships. Later, his enormous hard work and passion for his work made a difference. 

At the right time, he got connected with the right people. So it made a difference in the growth of CricTracker. 

Back then CricTracker had only 2-3 freelancers in 2015. Now, the company has grown into a behemoth size. Now CricTraker employees are around 100 and 2000-3000 freelancers. 

From having an office space of 200 square feet in 2015, Now CricTracker startup has a big office space of 6500 sq feet. 

According to the report, CricTracker also raised funds with an undisclosed amount. 

Now, CricTracke is one of the leading information and media house. It exclusively brings cricket news to its users. Now in 2022, there are 2 million followers for CricTracker on Instagram. 

There are over a million monthly active users on CricTracker.

Syed Sujjad and Irfan Pathan


Sometimes unknowingly we will get direction towards success and passion. Even in life CricTracker founder Syed Sujjad unknowingly, Irfan Pathan became his inspiration. 

Syed Sujjad is a great football lover. Even his favorite team was Manchester. Then his favorite footballer was Donny van. 

On the other side, he was a noob in cricket. In his childhood, he did not have any kind of love for cricket. 

Even he did know how many balls are bowled in an over. But now his entire journey is around cricket. 

It is an interesting story about how CrickTracker founder Syed Sujjad got connected with cricket. His father had a great love for cricket. 

So his father did not mind watching all the domestic, national, and international matches. 

So one weekend, his father was watching the IND vs AUS match on TV. Then Syed Sujjad was mesmerized when Irfan Pathan was bold Yorker for Adam Gilchrist. This was a very special moment for him. 

The next day, his father bought a newspaper to read about sports. Eventually, Syed Sujjad peeps into the last page, where he got to know about Irfan Pathan’s biography. 

Then he realized that Irfan Pathan from a small town made a big achievement. By then he was among the top bowlers in the world. So, Syed Sujjad got enormous motivation to do something big in his life. 

Once Syed Sujjad got to know that Irfaan Pathan was at Bengaluru for a practice session. Then without a second thought, he rushed into the place, and almost waited for 4 hours to interact with Irfan Pathan. 

Later, Syed Sujjad went running behind the vehicle, where Irfan Pathan was traveling. In the middle of the traffic, he knock window of the vehicle and got the autograph from Irfan Pathan. 

So it was a memorable moment for him. Finally, Syed Sujjad started a fan page for Irfan Pathan on Facebook. 

Later, he finally got in touch with Irfan Pathan. Also told about his startup CricTracker. Now Irfan Pathan is so close to CricTracker founder Syed Sujjad as his brother. 

If there is any problem, then Syed Sujjad will call Irfan Pathan. So in this way, Irfan Pathan became a mentor for Syed Sujjad.

CricTracker Startup Employees 

At present in 2022, there are around 100 employees in CricTracker. Even Syed Sujjad has the vision to increase the count to over 200. 

To be an employee at CricTracker, passion for cricket is more important. The CricTracker startup does not expect experience instead they need a passion for cricket. Because if there is passion, then he or she can work without any hurdles. So in the long run passion helps a lot to grow. 

In this way, CricTracker founder Syed Sujjad explains the culture office company. So, passion for cricket is mandatory to be part of the CricTracker startup. 

CricTracker founder Syed Sujjad Vision 

Syed Sujjad was a humble and down-to-earth human being. He always used to keep short-term goals. Eventually, he became successful in achieving it. 

There were days of Sleepless Nights and constant hard work, so this made CricTracker a valuable company. 

Now, Syed Sujjad’s vision is to expand to regional languages. At present CricTracker it is available only in English. So they are planning to launch CricTracker content in various regional languages. 

Recently, CricTracker got launched in the Hindi language. Later there will be an expansion in Telugu, Tamil, and various other languages. 

Now, CricTracker founder Syed Sujjad keeps long-term goals. So, there is a lot to achieve in the future.

CricTracker Business success strategy 

There is a lot of other web content around cricket. But CricTracker is one of the leading content leaders in the field of cricket. 

The success behind the CricTracker is unique and engaging content. Many other sites, were giving RAW information about cricket.

There were a lot of other sites which were just producing dull and traditional cricket scores. 

So there was a lack of engagement in the cricket news. Here CricTracker became the first to give engaging content to its audience. 

More than cricket scores, they used to write about unique information about the cricket players. This made the users stick around CricTracker content. 

Even CricTracker is one of the first sites to give news about fantasy Sports. There is enormous and vital information about fantasy Sports tips. 

So in this way, CricTracker become one of the best and most unique content Media companies. Always it comes with interesting news, which makes cricket lovers dwell on the content. 

This is the success behind the CricTracker startup. From earning the first 600 from the content, now CricTracker founder Syed Sujjad earning millions. 

It is not all about the money instead it is entirely about his passion and enormous hard work.

So in this way, CricTracker founder Syed Sujjad became an inspiration for a lot of upcoming entrepreneurs. Then his entire hard work and perseverance made it to the top. 

So it is entirely a story of passion and consistency. 

     *********** Syed Sujjad your are a true insipiration**********

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