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Ola Electric Scooter S1 and S1 pro: price, Booking


Ola Electric scooter brings electric automobiles revolution. Even the company is launching its electric scooters this year. Ola scooters are bringing tremendous change in the user’s perceptions. 

As the users are shifting from petrol vehicle to electric vehicle. Besides petrol and diesel prices are reaching high figures. Every people are buying their pockets to fill the fuel to their vehicles.

Bhavish Agarwal CEO and founder of Ola company bring e-scooters trend. Now everyone is eagerly awaiting ola electric scooters. Now the ola e-scooters bookings are open on its official website.

Ola electric scooters S1 and S1 pro

Ola two-wheeler segments are in high demand. Even the company claims that it received 1 lakh pre-booking just in a single day. Besides, it has the world’s largest e-scooter manufacturing unit in Tamil Nadu. The manufacturing factory is about 500 acres in area.

Ola electric scooter launches its two variants S1 and S1 pro. Both variants are extremely good-looking and possess a classy look.

Ola electric scooter prices start from rupees 1L.

S1 variant electric scooter starts from rupees 99,999(ex-showroom) and S1 pro pricings begins with 1,29,999 (ex-showroom). Pricing of the vehicles varies from state to state.

In Delhi, S1 variants start from rupees 79,999. Whereas in Gujarat price of the S1 variant is about 85,099 rupees.

Even the company reported that it spends over 2400 crores in setting up the massive factory. Moreover, it also ramps up its production up to 10 million units by next year.

On other hand, to enrich customer experience ola is installing 1 lakh charging stations across 400 cities in India. It is good to move from the company. Because it is building basic infrastructure for the electric scooters. So even people will also insist to buy an e-scooter in the future.

Ola S1 scooter features


Ola scooters are one of the latest high-end model e-scooters. Till now no companies could match the performance of the ola scooters.

S1 variant gives up to 181KM of range. The maximum speed of the scooter is 115Kmph.

S1 variant facilitates riders with consistent pick-ups. As the scooter reaches 40Kmph just in 3.6 seconds. 

This variant has a motor speed of 8500W and has a Mid-drive IPM motor type. S1 scooter reaches up to 90Kmph at top speed.

Moreover, the S1 variant comes out in numerous colors. The colors match the latest trends and have catchy looks. The vehicle is out in 5 trendy colors red, Sky blue, Yellow, Black, and White.

Ola S1 pro scooter features

S1 Pro comes out with a dashing look and features. Its ex-showroom price starts with 1,29,999. Its range is up to 181KM. Then its top-notch speed touches to 115Kmph. These features outstand the respective variant from others.

Ola S1 pro comes out with 10 trending colors Silver, Gold, Navy Blue, Grey, White, Red, Sky Blue, Yellow, Black, and Pink. 

S1 pro variant reaches 40Kmph within 3s and gets to 60 Kmphs just in 6s. Ols scooters pick up is fast and smooth. Then its motors speed is 8500W and has a Mid-drive IPM motor type.

Both ola S1 and S1 pro variants have battery capacity up to 3.9Kwh. Then its peak power is over 8.5KW. 

Ola electric scooter charging

Both scooters come with massive battery capacity. Moreover, it has a 750W charger. It needs nearly 6hrs to get the vehicle fully charged. Charging factors is one main doubtful factor.

Charging time is also well maintained and made great improvement from Ola company. Other electric vehicles take nearly 10 hours to get one full round of charge. 

But in Ola electric station, users can make a vehicle  50% of the charge within 18 minutes. From this charge, the rider can easily cover a distance up to 75Km. Even charging centers is accessible in many cities.

Ola Scooter look

Ola electric scooter model attracts youngsters. The vehicle is designed to the latest trend. Moreover, the vehicle is not bulky and dull.

Ola scooter has two modes of transport hill hold control and reverse mode. Besides giving digital look it comes with a 7-inch stunning touchscreen on board. It has 3GB RAM and an octa-core processor. Further, it supports wifi, Bluetooth, and 4G connectivity.

S1 variant is glowing with 5 colors. whereas S1 pro glows with 10 more colors. People can book any ola electric scooter.

Ola scooter has an automatic locking system. The scooter automatically gets locked if the rider is far away. As the scooter is connected with the mobile’s Bluetooth. In an alternative manner, you can also unlock with a passcode system.

Then you can also give voice commands to the ola electric bike. In total, it has four modes of sounds Bolt, Wonder, Care, and Vintage.

Ola e-vehicle booking

Ola scooter sales will officially begin from 8th September. The company recorded 5 lakh bookings within a month. This shows the traction toward electric vehicles.

Now buyers can pre-book the vehicle with rupees 499 as a security deposit on its official website.

To facilitate users, Ola electric scooters EMIs start with rupees 2,999. Ola company made a partnership with various banks and financial institutions to lend affordable loans.

Ola company aims to deliver the vehicle directly to users’ doorstep. The delivery process starts in late October. Also, aims to deliver 1,000 cities and towns across India.



Electric vehicle space is now on-demand in India. A lot of company now launching their e-vehicle to grab the opportunity.

Another alternative to Ola electric vehicle is the Simple Energy company. This company is also providing electric scooters to the users. You can pre-book Simple Energy vehicle for rupees 1,947.

Simple Energy scooters features are

  • Single charge- 203KM
  • 0-80% of charge within 2.3 hours
  • 1.10 Lakh ex-showroom price

Now the company is under the construction of the 2 lakh square feet of the factory in Tamil Nadu. Also aiming at production 1 million units annually and caters to 13 cities.

Ather 450X

Even Ather is also come out with tremendous high-tech inclusive vehicles. Here are some key features of 450X

  • Range- 85Km
  • Top Speed-8-Km
  • Rated Power-3300W
  • 0-80% charge in just 35 minutes
  • 15Km of a ride for 10 minutes of charge

Ather 450X price starts with rupees 1,45,426. The other two variants are Ather 450X plus and 450X Pro is also available. 

There is high voltage competition between Ather VS Ola VS Simple Energy. These companies will bring a massive electric scooter revolution in the future.

So, there is a lot of demand for electric scooters in India. But now they are a lot of demand for Ola electric scooters in India.

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