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Pilgrim Founder Revealed Top 3 Product Strategies


Pilgrim is a cosmetics brand started in 2019 by Anurag Kedia. Now the brand is popular and successful in winning the trust of the customers. 

So, the Pilgrim founder revealed the top 3 product strategies that any startup must follow to become successful.

Anurag Kedia has a very close relationship with cosmetics and lifestyle companies. He worked in various companies like De-Stress Spa, Richfeel Health, and Beauty for the last 10 to 15 years.

In 2019, Anurag Kedia wants to build his own startup. So, he started to work on the different ideas. Finally, he hooked up with his most experienced field cosmetics.

Then he did not go straight away to launch the brand. Instead, he started to research the industry like what is the gap that he can possibly fill. 

Now most entrepreneurs start their startups without having a second thought. If anyone wants to start a startup then he or she should think and figure out solving the pain points of the consumers. Then only their products stand unique and win in the crowded market.

So, Anurag Kedia started to reasearch on the cosmetics industry. Then he understood some of the essential changing patterns of consumer behaviour.

Here are some of the consumer insights he got and went on to build his product strategies for his startup.

Eco-friendly products

Now, the generation is more inclined towards sustainability, renewable, and clean concepts. This generation is smart enough to think about themselves and also about nature as well.

There are so many people who are adopting the more smart way of living. If any company wants to sell any products to today’s generation then it’s a nightmare. Yes, the brand should tick mark all of the requirements and then only consumers will buy the product. Otherwise, they even give any kind of attention.

In his research, Anurag Kedia noticed that more people are adapting no-plastic products. This means now people have realized that any product that comes with a covering of plastic then it is harmful to them and to Mother Nature as well.

So, Anurag Kedia understood this behavior from the people. Then he decided not to use the plastic in his product. Today, his company Pligrim a cosmetic brand does not use Plastic covering for their products instead they use complementary alternatives.

Ultimately, Pilgrim founder Anurga Kedia advises entrepreneurs to do in-depth research before starting up. Because on have to understand their customers and then manufacture and sell the product accordingly.

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Native Ingredients cosmetics products


Today’s generation sticks to social media all day long. But most people always try insist to on grabbing some useful information to be smart.

Even after covid, people have become health conscious too. So, if any video is regarding health then people will definitely check it out.

So, many people are too conscious about the products and check each and every ingredient that the product holds.

Even now people know about product labeling and the usage of chemicals as well. This generation is very strict about picking the right kind of products.

In the COVID era, people used to pick up the product just by looking at the brand. But today not even care about celebrity-endorsed products. Instead, they try to prepare the ingredients for the products and then they will make a choice.

Pilgrim founder Anurag Kedia also observed this trend from the consumers. He noticed that people while buying cosmetics products are too conscious about the chemicals used in them.

Even consumers are likely to purchase the products if the ingredients are familiar to them.

So, now Anurag Kedia has another insight that familiar ingredients are key to the success of the products.

After pre-covid people came to know the worth of the herbs like tulsi, ashwagandha, Adark, Haldi, and other healthy herbs.

Anurag Kedia got the idea for infusing herbs into his Pilgrim cosmetics products. Now, in Pilgrim cosmetic products are infused with Indian herbs. So, the customers will get the trust and hope to buy the product.

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Great Design Stands Out: Pigrim founder

It’s a simple theory if anyone wants to stand out they want to look unique. The same holds true in the cosmetics product design as well. In the cosmetics industry, the design plays main role. It insists customers hold and feel the product.

Many early-stage startups will neglect product design strategies. But this is one of the essential factors to win the attention of the customers. As in the mall and shopping complex there are too many products kept.

So, any brand needs to understand that they should attract customers first by being unique. Yes, in this busy generation, no one really has time to try new. But if any brand grabs the attention of the customer then the brand wins 50% of the game.

However, creating a new and unique packaging and design for the products costs a bit more. But the Brand should be able to spend to get customers’ attention.

So, these are some of the Top 3 product strategies by Pilgrim founder Anurag Kedia.

He started Pilgrim in 2019 and now the brand making 15 crores in sales per month and collectively earning 200+ crores in a year.

So, Anurag Kedia’s Product strategies had proven. Anyone reading this blog should take it seriously and implement it in their startup or business to grow.

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