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Ratan Tata business Story


Ratan Tata is India’s Most iconic businessman. Except in business he is also known for his kind and philanthropic nature. He is one of the few Heroic tycoons of India.

Tata Company is a revolutionary organization in India. It is not surprising that tata Company contributes four percent of the GDP of India. Even, though the company pays over 4000 crores as tax per year.

To build a strong company the man behind is vital. Because he is the pillar of the organization. TATA company was built by Jamsetiji tata in 1868 with an initial investment of 22,000.

But now Tata Company had spread its footprints all across the world. After Jamshed Ji Tata. His Grandson Ratan Tata made the company grow behemoth.

Ratan Tata’s father’s name is Ratanji Tata and his mother’s name is Suzanne Tata.

In this blog, we are going to learn about Ratan Tata’s business story. Under the leadership of Ratan Tata, Tata Company grew multifold. Also expanded to more than 100 countries.

Ratan Tata family

Ratan Tata family is well on as Tata family. TATA company was started by his grandfather Jamestiji Tata in 1868 with an initial investment of 22,000.

Jamshedji Tata had two sons called Ratanji Tata and Dorabji Tata.

Dorabji Tata died at the age of 73 at Bad Kissingen. He did not have any children. While Ratan Ji Tata had an Adopted son Naval Tata. Then Naval Tata and Sooni Tata got married. Finally gave birth to Business Tycoon Ratan Tata. Acutually, Ratan Tata full name is Ratan Naval Tata.

Ratan Tata born at 28 December 1937. Then he did his education at Cornell University and Harvard University USA. Finally came back to India to work at Tata Motors.

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Ratan Tata’s kind work : Ratan Tata Business Story

Ratan tata donated 1500 crores to india during covid

More than his business Ratan Tata is famous for his kind work. Ratan Tata extends his hand when his people and his country are in trouble. Even in recent times when India was suffering from a coronavirus pandemic, ratan Tata donated 1500 crores. This is real patriotism. This is not your Ratan Tata business story. Instead, it is a story of his love for India.

Everyone cannot forget the horrible incident at Taj Hotel. Where Taj hotel in Mumbai was attacked by terrorists from Pakistan. It is one of that horrific movement that India wouldn’t see before. Very many guests at the hotel died from the gunshots. Even many employees like staff, managers, suppliers, receptionists, and many had died due to the attack.

Even Indian Army Sandeep Unnikrishnan also sacrificed his life while fighting with the terrorist. There are a lot of people who got injured and also died from the attack.

Ratan Tata helping nature will just mesmerize you. Because ratan Tata extended his helping hand to everyone. Tata family helps financially and also to the responsibility of education of the children. Even today the salary of their late employees is given to the family. So that it will help them.

Ratan Tata even helps a lot of people outside Taj Hotel. During the attack, many stalls and small stores have been attacked. For them also Ratan Tata compensated with the money.

This is a kind of gesture that Ratan Tata shows for his people. Ratan Tata business story still comprises even more than this. This is one of the Ratan Tata inspirational stories.

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Ratan Tata revenge on Ford

Ratan Tata always loves to fight back with the hunger for success. In 1999, tata Motors launched its new car model Tata Indica. Ratan Tata expects that it will be a big success in India. But the story was another way around. Nobody likes Tata Indica and even sales were down.

So, Ratan Tata decided to exit from the car division sector. So he approached Bill Ford, founder of the Ford company. In the meeting, Bill Ford humiliated Ratan Tata with his crossed tongue.

Even Bill Ford told that tata Company did not have any idea about manufacturing cars. It would have been better if they have not started Tata Motors. So these all taunting words hit Ratan Tata in all directions. Bill Ford finally accepted to do a favor to buy tata motors.

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But Ratan Tata took his taunting words as a challenge and return to India. Now Ratan Tata Business story turns another way around.

Then he started deep research in the Indian market to bring a successful car model. As time passes, tata Motors became a household name in India. Everyone trusts Tata and its car as well.

In the next 10 years, tata Motors had a growth of 100X. In 2008, there was a global financial crisis, many big companies were in great trouble with finances. Some companies did not have any money to run a business. Even Bill Ford also became bankrupt. So finally he approached Ratan Tata to buy his company Landrover-Jaguar.

Then ratan Tata brought land Rover and Jaguar for over $2.3 billion in 2008. So this is called success where your head will be looking up in front of the people taunted you. This is one of the best Ratan tata business story.

Ratan Tata girlfriend story

Ratan Tata studied in the USA at Harvard and Cornell University. During the time ratan Tata loved a lady in Los Angels. Both of us had a good understanding of each other.

As most of the time, Ratan Tata spends his childhood with his grandmother. Because Ratan Tata’s mother got divorced from his father when his age was 10. So Ratan Tata got immense love from his grandmother.

When Ratan Tata was in the USA, he got a call from India that his grandmother was ill. So, he went to India to look after his grandmother. Then Ratan Tata called his girlfriend to come to India. But there was an Indo-China war going on in India. So her girlfriend’s parents did not allow it. Finally, her parents married her to another guy in the US.

Ratan Tata promised her not to marry other women in his life. So, Ratan Tata kept his promise till now. Even though the promise was broken from the other side. Ratan Tata always stands for his word as always.

This is the only reason why Ratan Tata did not get married.

Ratan Tata Business Story

Ratan Tata is helping people all around the world. Recently in one of the small, all city in Africa called Zambia if hydropower project was launched. As you know Africa is an economically backward continent. In Zambia, many people are not able to get electricity.

So here, tata Company launched a hydropower project with a capacity of 120MW. Even the length of the line is about 230 km. So from this project, almost 10 lakhs people are getting electricity to their houses.

Another Ratan Tata business story gets connective to Guam Island in the Pacific ocean. This Island is one of the most isolated places in the world. In order to to get this place connected with the world, tata Company laid the Internet cable under the sea. So now, the people of Guam Island can connect with the rest of the world through the internet. It is because of TATA company and ratan Tata.

Ratan Tata business story is not all about profit and loss. It is all about helping the poor and being kind.

Ratan Tata and Shantanu Naidu

Ratan Tata and Shantanu Naidu

He always encourages youth toward innovation. One of the employees at Tata Group, Shantanu Naidu got funding from Ratan Tata.

Shantanu Naidu started a Startup that focuses on street dog safety. Once Shantanu Naidu after finishing his job returning back to his home he witnessed a horrible accident with a dog.

Finally, he was taught to adjust the shift carcass of a dog to decide the road. Subsequently, another vehicle just passed on that carcass again.

Then Shantanu decided to find a solution for the safety of the street dog. Then he did research, there he asked drivers about dog accidents. There he got to know that drivers could not able to identify dogs at a distance.

Due to poor visibility, a driver cannot suspect a dog. So therefore not finding anywhere, eventually ends up over the dog.

Shantanu Naidu discovered a reflective tape that could be put around a dog’s neck. Finally, he made a dog collar where you could eventually give a shape.

In 2015, he started a startup called Moto pows which is an NGO focusing on the safety of dogs. The dog collar become so effective that lots of dog lives are made save.

There was a lot of demand for this dog collar. But due to a lack of funding, Shantanu Naidu could not able to cater to all the demands.

Ratan Tata’s love towards dogs

Finally, Shantanu Naidu with his father’s advice wrote a letter to Ratan Tata for funding. However, Shantanu Naidu’s father was aware of Ratan Tata’s love for dogs.

After some time, Shantanu Naidu got a reply from Ratan Tata to meet him. It was a dream come a true day for Shantanu Naidu. Ratan Tata was so generous and kind-hearted. With the investment of Ratan Tata in Moto Paws, it expanded to 11 cities in India and 3 other countries.

Even Shantanu Naidu promised Ratan Tata to work in Tata Company after finishing his MBA in foreign. Then after finishing his master’s, he is then called Ratan Tata for the job. Because of his huge fortune, Shantanu Naidu becomes an assistant for Ratan Tata.

So Ratan Tata business story e is one of the inspirations for all. All you have noticed is that Ratan Tata business story did not have only revenues, numbers, and sales. Instead, it had life lessons for all.

Ratan Tata Biography by Vivek Bindra Youtube Channel

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