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Top 20 Users Review On BoAt Chinese brand and Aman Gupta


Is BoAT Chinese Brand?

Are Boat Headphones made in china?

Are BoAt products made in China?

So, these are some of the trending questions on BoAt audio wearables company. People are doubting their Indian product’s origin.

Recently, a video promoted the BoAT company’s mission towards made in India.

But users made harsh comments on Boat Chinese brand.

Here are some of the Top 20 users review on BoAt Chinese company

User 1 : Import business of BoAT

Importing pre designed chinese parts and packing in india is not what we call Made in India. It is called “Make a Chutya”

User 2

Boat is not a manufacturing company its a import export company basically

User 3 : comment on BoAT business model

Boat doesn’t even design their products they buys Chinese products and rebrand them before , now they buys Chinese parts and do the rebranding in India and says made in India

User 4 : comment on BoAT competitors

Competitors are providing much better sound quality at the same price. I think they should improve the sound quality of their products. Marketing par thoda kam kharch kar lo.

User 5

not indian they just provide customer service in India, all manufacturing is done in China they have given contract in China…its called kind of white labeling 

User 6

Bhai Boat ka factory china me v hai, hame chutiya mat banao Maine boat ka earphone kharida tha 450 me jispe made in china likha tha

User 7: comment on China manufacturing hub in the world

Many illogical kids comments me likh rhe.. Its assembled in India.. Chintuo apple sumsung xiaomi oppo vivo aur baki companies jo India apna factory laga ke rakhi he wo kya Karti haib.

This is why education is important.. Electronics products completely koi bol de ek country me bana de.. Ek electronics products banane me 100 plus parts equipment lagte koi bhi desh china se import kiye bana hi nhi sakta. 

Reason cheap rates and Chinese monopoly Even apple and Samsung nhi bana pate apne products due to Chinese monopoly in electronics, Agar koi products banata bhi h to its impossible right now ki koi Chinese made parts na used ho usme… Its good move ki ye products India ke banate hai.. Yaha ke logo ko job milega aur hamare desh k currency bahar nhi jayega..

 Chintuo tumhare info k liye bata du aaj bhi apple ke 80% products China se hi banata hai…. Jo tum dawai khate ho usme bhi Chinese raw materials ata hai.. Jo plastic products use karte.. Wo bhi China se ata hai. India me more than 80 percent electronics aur jyda hi China se ata.

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User 8 : BoAt products review

I purchased boat earphone and in the package it is clearly written made in china,how can you say that it is made in india oooo i forgot you got funding from the company

User 9 : comment on BoAt import and Export business

 isne china ke manufaturer se parts import kare hai uski assembly kar boat brand chipkake india walo ko budhu bana raha hai boat avoid chinease products

User 10

It doesn’t manufacture products in India it imports the parts from other countries and assembles the products in India.

User 11 : BoAT and Dixon 

Basically started a partnership with Dixon to import from China and label it in India and then buy from Dixon, therefore not showing imports in Boats books. Preparing for the IPO it seems

User 12 : BoAt Products Review

Bought the boat headphone black one which is best seller in amazon..after its 3month use got defective then i had to raise ticket and they exchanged the product and then after 3months it again got defective then i repeated and it and they gave another new product took the second one…and after its one year it for defected and then no change… Thank you boat, you know how to make people fool… Using jbl since has not shown any defect yet..

User 13 : comment on BoAT service center

Recently I visited nothing ear 1 service centre and the BOAT service centre is combined there. I was there for more than 2 hours because I forgot the box of nothing ear 1 buds at home so my brother was coming with it. In 2 hours time there was not a single second passed without people on the boat desk. There is so much issues with boat products and not only in buds or earphones but the watch as well

User 14

Boat is a fraud. I have a wireless earphone and my dad has a neckband both are just aweful. Keeps disconnecting and is manufactured from flimsy material. This is not what Indians deserve in the name of aatmanirbharta.

User 15

Parts are made in china but assembled in india, and this is how Xiami and other Chinese company fool us

User 16 : BoAt chinses Brand

It’s nothing but shame to buy boat product ! I will prefer made in China product atleast they are honest with their garbage product not like shameless boat who purchased everything from China and assemble and say it’s made in india, despite the fact they cleverly say made in PRC (kisi ko kuch pata nhi chale !

User 17

It imports majority from china but its has started manufacturing in india, manufacturing in india is expensive we cant expect a budget friendly brand to overnight shift in india.

User 18

The PCB are designed and fab in China. And the quality is like wise. I would rather buy a Chinese model that is atleast true to itself. Atma nirbhar wale ke naam pe chutya mat bano.

User 19

Any tech company is not manufacturing their unit in India. They are all importing products from Chinese factory. Reality is the cost of manufacturing of such electronic gadgets are very expensive and unskilled. So don’t fool bro.

User 20 

Boat is doing nothing groundbreaking. They have no research and development of their own. All they do is, import parts from China, assemble them in India and rebrand shit products under their name and sell. Blind patriots go around saying they’re proud of Boat as it’s from India. But they forget, Boat is just a local brand. It isn’t nor is it gonna be as big as, say JBL/Sony… 

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User 21: BoAT competitors in India

BOAT is a Waste tws earbuds & smartwatches company NOW , COMPARED To it’s New BEST COMPETITORS – TRUKE , WINGS, BOULT, NOISE ,… It’s Competitor Brands Are giving BEST & LATEST FEATURES (40ms low latency, 13mm Big bass giving drivers, bt v5.3 , Great Designs, etc ) ! But boat still stuck with OLD FEATURES/technologies in it’s earphones & watches !

User 22 : BoAt Chinese brand

White labelling is not manufacturing, the designs are also copied, no innovation. Sound signature very poor, Look at Sonys, Bose, Apple. Those have some fine headphones.

User 23

Why boat does not have latest technology like aptx adaptive and LDAC. The boat uses outdated technology.

About BoAT company

So, these are the Top 20 user reviews on BoAT Chinese brand. However, the BoAt company claimed that it made 1 million products in 2021. 

As the BoAt company had a joint venture partnership with Dixon Technology. So to facilitate the manufacturing process in India.

Now, BoAT company had set a trademark of manufacturing 1 crore products made in India in 2023.

Since BoAt company was started by Aman Gupta and Sameer Mehta in 2016. It is a completely humble beginning for the startup. Many times, Aman Gupta founder of the company told that the company had its office in a cafe in Delhi.

Even Aman Gupta had suffered multiple failures in businesses before venturing out into BoAt. There were times when Aman Gupta did not have money to support his family. 

During those tough times, Aman Gupta’s wife Priya Dagar was supporting the family financially. Even she was supportive of the mission of Aman Gupta and the Boat Company.

Finally this is all about BoAt Chinese Brand reviews by the users.

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