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Wakefit Brand pays to sleep at Sleep Internship 


Every startup now is coming with a unique social media marketing campaign to attract consumers. So, people most often get surprised by the brand offerings.

So, here is one such offering from the mattress company “Wakefit”. As most people know about the Wakefit company as it provides premium quality mattresses to its consumers.

Wakefit is one such brand in the Sleeping wellness category. As the brand was started in 2016 by Ankit Garg and Chaitanya Ramalingegowda.

However, the startup could not able reach to more audiences about their products. So, they needed more intensive content marketing strategies.

Sleep India

Now one of the most reliable factors of human wellbeings is ” Sleep”. Even Prime Minister is the pride of sleeping very few hours. So, many people have the least importance to sleep.

But sleep is one of the vital factors for healthy well-being. It especially affects performance, mood, and behavior. If the person who sleeps less is more likely to suffer from depression.

Even many hormones in our body get affected due to the depreciation of sleep.

However, Wakefit took a challenge to raise awareness about the importance of sleep.

Wakefit Brand Marketing Strategy

Wakefit startup tied up with Spring Capital Agency to bring up an excellent content marketing campaign.

So, the Wakefit brand with Spring Capital Agency came up with an excellent campaign called ” Sleep Internship”

Here the company told them they will pay to sleep in their company. But the people should justify why they get hired for the position.

Indirectly the campaign promoted to raise the importance of sleep and its pros for well-being.

Out of the blue, this campaign got a lot of traction and over 1.7 lakhs responses came from 33 countries. 

This is one of the outstanding marketing campaigns run by the Wakefit brand. So, this shows the content marketing importance to building a brand and reach a wide audience.

100 days return challenge by Wakefit Brand

Yet another time Wakefit succeeded to win the heart of its consumers. Now there is an insane rise in online shopping across India but people still prefer to have the traditional “touch and feel ” concept especially to purchase furniture and mattresses.

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Earlier Wakefit brand appeared as the online brand to purchase mattresses. But many people were hesitant to buy Wakefit mattresses online.

So, to break over this challenge once again Wakefit and Spring Captial Agency out with another content marketing campaign called the “100-day return challenge”.

As return and exchange policy of online brands was one of the major hurdles for consumers. Many consumers are reluctant to shop online because of the strict return and exchange policies.

So, here Wakefit broke over this hurdle and welcomed its consumers with the unique offering of a ‘ 100 days return challenge”.

Here any consumer can return a Wakefit mattress within 100 days of their purchase if they have any dissatisfaction with the products.

Even this content marketing campaign came with a lot of cheers from the consumers.

These are some of the interesting marketing campaigns led by the Wakefit brand with Spring Capital Agency.

To build the brand both the products and the marketing should be solid to reach a wider audience.

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