Ashneer Grover and Madhuri jain had a great love story back then.

Ashneer flattered by the first look at coaching Institute at Delhi. 

Then he did all the circus to talk to her and managed to take her to the date. 

Back then Madhuri was native of panipat. Had a car and a driver. 

Eventually ashneer and madhuri dated  and a beautiful love life. 

However her driver told about the love to her father. Then finally she was been taken off by her father to panipat

However over the time, madhuri joined fashion design ar Delhi and Ashneer at IIM ahmedabad for an MBA

Ashneer used to come to Delhi to visit Madhuri in her PG. Where Ashneer as to wait till the owner of the PG went asleep. 

Finally Ashneer introduced madhuri to her nani and mother. However her mother also welcomed her has future daughter in law. 

However Madhuri is from Jain familyfamily and Ashneer is from Punjabi. So Madhuri father did not allowed for marriage.

Madhuri did  not accepted any other for marriage for long time.

Finally Ashneer grover and Madhuri Jain tied knot on April 14th 2006. They got blessed with two children Avy and Mannat.