As Ashneer Grover studied at IIM Ahmehadbad and got placed in Kotak Bank.

However, he could not crack his dream company Goldman Sachs, Lehman Barclay's, and Mckinsey.

He joined Kotak in 2006 and his salary was 8 lakh CTC and a 3 lakh bonus.

So, Ashneer Grover gets a monthly salary of 48,000.

During the first year, Ashneer Grover got a hike of 135% hike and his CTC  went up to 19 lakhs annually.

At the end of 2nd year in Kotak, his Base salary was 16 lakhs. But due to his exemplary work performance, Ashneer got 32 lakhs as a bonus.

All these hikes got because of his skills. Ashneer raised an investment of $60 million for Sun Apollo as one of his early achievements. 

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