Byjus, India's educational tech platform is scrutinized by NCPCR(National Commission for Protection of Child Rights).

The giant edtech player appoints a salesman to sell the courses to the customers.

These salesmen would get the phone number of parents and start putting enormous pressure to buy the course.

Even they would ask children tough questions to portray that their son/ daughter is poor in studies.

Later, this salesman would play with the parent's concern over their children's education.

Byjus had been found guilty of practicing all the cheap tricks to frame the parents into the Byjus ecosystem.

Now many parents are taking charge by writing on social media and giving details to various reporters about how they got cheated by Byjus.

In some reports, the salesman would apply for a loan without asking for prior consent from the parents.


Now, Byjus is on the negative side. Byjus scam is being exposed by their customers.