Abyuj Raveendran byjus story

He works in a shipping company as a service engineer. He use to visit his home town during  holidays

byjus Startup story

He is used to teaching his 8 friends for the CAT examination. As he cleared it 3 consecutive times.

byjus Startup story

He had great teaching skills. Also, he is fond of Maths and Physics. Then he use to take sessions in the auditorium.

byjus Startup story

His fame grew multifold to his extraordinary teaching skills.

Once he taught for 15,000 students in a auditorium

byjus Startup story

Byjus Understood problems with the Educational system. Finally launched Byjus in 2011 as an engaging platform for teaching.

byjus Startup story

NowByjus is valued at over $20 billion. Most valued startup in India.

Acquired companies like Akash Institude Great Learning WhiteHat Jr and many more.........

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Now Byju Raveendran and his family net worth is over 24,000 crores