Yes, Elon Musk again came under the limelight by getting the title " LOOSER"

Recently, Elon Musk Lossed the title of " World's Richest person in the World".

Even now, after losing the title, Musk lost over $200 billion dollars from his net worth since 2021.

Yes, the reason for the drastic drop in his net worth is Tesla Share Price Crash Acquisition of Twitter

As Tesla Shares lost their value by over 65% due to the controversial acquisition of Twitter.

When Elon Sold Tesla Shares to buy Twitter their investor also lost hope and started selling their stocks too. Eventually, Tesla shares came down.

Now Elon Musk has Tesla Shares worth $44 billion

Then Elon have SpaceX shares worth of $44.8 billion

So, whatsoever Elon Musk has made another record to be the only man to lose $200 billion in the quickest span.