He dropped out of his MBA and started a tea stall with an investment of 8,000 in 2017.

He started his tea stall with the name " MBA Chaiwala". Later it turned out to be a huge success.

Now there are 100 + franchises across India and making 20 to 80  crores of revenue.

But now one of his franchise owners came to social media and told the reality.

As MBA Chaiwala takes nearly 20 to 30 lakhs for the franchise. But there is hardly any business in the outlet. 

One of his franchise clients stated that " Having business of 600 to 700 per day make nothing out of the business"

Even Prafull Billore's leaked audio came to the limelight that he never support and cover up the losses for his franchise owners.

More than that he used some abusive statements over the phone call with his franchise clients.