In an recent interview, Falguni told that she was n guild mother. As she could not give much to her daughers.

As she is a mother twins Aswaita and Anchin Nayar.

Falguni as an ambitious woman and dedicates herself to work. So, her priority was work over family.

Even her husband, Sanjay Nayar supported her and never asked about giving up her work for family.

Falguni was an IIM Graduate from Ahmedabad, works in a banking company Kotak for an decade.

In her professional life, she could not spend more time with their daughters because of her busy schedule.

Falugni told that majority of time she could not pick her daughter from their school. Also couldnt go on speical occasion as well.

Falguni said that " she was not there when their daughters needed her the most "

However, now mother and daughter are running $12 billion worth beauty startup Nykaa