Ajinkya Dhariya founder of Padcare had made machinery for the disposal of sanitary pads.

As he explained that there are 1,200 crores of sanitary pads generated in India every year. 

But there is no safe and clean method of disposal of sanitary pads. 

He witnessed ragpickers seggregating sanitary pads and diapers with their bare hands. So it made him think about a solution.

By 2021 he invented three sanitary pads disposal products Padcare Bin PadcareX Padcare Vend

Padcare Bin is a decentralized disposable bin that can store hazardous waste for 30 days

PadcareX is India's first 5D technology-based patented Sanitary napkin disposable recycling system. It weighs around 1 ton and can process 15,000 sanitary pads per day.

Padcare Vend is a sanitary pad vending machine. Now, this product is installed by various organizations like Capgemini, TCS, Goldman Sachs, and others.

Padcare startup got government funding worth 2.25 crores and also they raised fundings about 75 lakhs.

Even in Shark Tank India Padcare startup secured 1 crore funding for 4% of the company. Vineeta Singh, Namita Thapar, Anupam and Peyush Bansal are the investors.