Here are a few instances, where shark tank judges just invested in the startup of their weakness.

As you know Aman Gupta build the BoAt company with his co-founder Sameer Mehta.

He considers Sameer Mehta to be cool and has a lot of patience to control me. So, whenever Aman Gupta notices the startup co-founders of such a pair then he would just invests in the company.

Recently, he invested in Blue Tea startup and Gear Head Motors. In these startups, the co-founders are similar to Aman Gupta and Sameer Mehta.

Then Vineeta Singh builds Sugar Cosmetics with a lot of struggles. There was a time when the company had to shut down.

Even Vineeta Singh had few pennies to run the business for a month. Then an investor invested 1 crore. Rest is history. So, now Sugar Cosmetics is valued at $500 million.

Likewise, if Vineeta Singh notices any startup has gone through the same scenario. Then she will invest in the startup due to the emotional connection.

Recently, Vineets invested in a Green Snack startup of 1 crore for 8%. Even these startup founders went through a similar tough scenario.

Even Peyush Bansal is regarded as one of the best Sharks. If he notices entrepreneurs' vision, boldness, and perseverance. Then he would invest even though the startup is under loss.

He invested in the Padcare startup where this startup had a great vision and solved a greater problem. Even his investment in Jugadu Kalmesh speaks everything.

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