"Red Cup day" brings extra joy to Starbucks customers. As customers will be gifted with reusable mugs for free for the minimum orders.

So, this Red Cup Day will go around the whole winter season. Even it is considered Starbucks' busiest day of the year.

But the Starbucks employees took this massive opportunity to protest in front of the stores.

More than 1000 Starbucks employees from 200 stores protested against the company.

Because Starbucks bargaining in the union contract negotiations.

As the workers are getting expected benefits in holidays, wages, working conditions, and hours.

So, the Starbucks employees protested in front of stores and formed picketing lines, and expressed to customers not to buy coffee by crossing over them.

There are over 9000 stores in the US with 70,000 employees.

This is most frustrating for Starbucks right now.