In the first week of Shark Tank India Season 2, some startup went disappointed with no investments.

Recode Studios, a cosmetics brand startup came to raise 1 crore for 1% of the company.

But judges did not satisfy with the business model and also with the packaging.

But Shark Tank Judges praised them of build a business worth 15 crores.

Atmosphere Kombucha is, Green Tea Brand founded by immigrant young girls Arilla Blank and Rebekah Sood.

As they were making Kombucha-oriented juice which is not sustainable for a long time.

This startup did not have a robust supply chain and had a low shelf life of the products. So, Sharks did not invest in 'Atmosphere Kombucha'.

Organic Smokes startup, which was replacing tobacco-content cigarettes.

Three brothers Nitin, Piyush, and Gaurav Chhabra started Organic smokes in 2022. Also claiming it is healthy for smokers.

But in Shark Tank India Season 2, judges were not able to justify the claim that Herbs-oriented cigarettes are healthy. So, the startup did not get any investment.

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