Nitin Saluja studied at IIT Bombay and worked in the US till 2010. In the US he struggled to get good and personalised chai.

Then in 2012, he started Chaayos to make chai as a mass premium brand. They priced their basic chai at Rs. 40

In 2015, Delhi IITian, Raghav Verma joined Chaayos and helped him to build a brand around chai.

Now, Chaayos have more than 200+ stores across India.

All Chai are done by IOT bots within 3 minutes with all types of personalization.

This franchise sells over 1 million cups of chai's per month. 80% of the orders come from home and the other 20% from offices.

Chaayos founder's success strategy is to open at the right location, and place, and appeal to the customers.

Then Customer feedback is like a goldmine for them. Even before starting Chayos, they took opinions from 250 to 300 people.