Shart Tank : Fact 1

Every startup is going pitch in the set for over 40 minutes to 90 minutes. Finally, after the edits, it will be telecasted for 20 to 25 minutes.

Shart Tank : Fact 2

In Shark Tank India Season 1, judges got bored of wearing the same outfits for many shoots. Even Namitha Thapar pleaded to give new outfits.

Shart Tank : Fact 3

After every pitch, Shark Tank Judges take a break backstage, where they chill, dance, and have some snacks.

Shart Tank : Fact 4

In some pitches, judges just stopped entrepreneurs halfway because the idea was so trivial or inferior.

Shart Tank : Fact 5 

In one of the events, Ashneer Grover Revealed that Shark Tank India used his house for auditions.

Shart Tank : Fact 6 

Even Ashneer Grover told that judges did not get any kind of money per episode.

Shart Tank : Fact 7 

In season 1, among all the startups there were 48% of women entrepreneurs got featured.

Shart Tank : Fact 8 

For a single-day shoot, it takes over 14 hours a day. where the shoots start at 8 AM and end at 10 or 11 PM

Shart Tank : Fact 9 

The final deal in the shark tank is not the last stage. Instead, there will be another due diligence where it checks all the information, whether revenues are real or fake.

Shart Tank : Fact 10 

Some two or three startups got rejected for funding after due diligence check in season 1. This information was revealed by Aman Gupta in the interview.

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