In the Kerala Story movie, it claimed that 32,000 women from Kerala were made converted to Islam.

Even the Director of The Kerala Story failed to give valid proof for his claims.

Now the movie has a disclaimer of "most of the scenes are fictional and all the events do not have legitimate proofs".

According to the US report, there were 40,000 people joined ISIS from 110 countries

So, it is not possible that 32,000 women from Kerala a single state in India got involved.

Even ORC tells that there were only 200 people from India who joined ISIS in 2019.

The Kerala Story movie did not make any justification and made all the false claims. Even the characters are depicted as innocent but they were not in reality.

The highlight of the movie, Fatima is depicted to be innocent but there is a youtube video (real) where she did not appear to be innocent and good.