First, find the best idea to solve the customer's problem in the most efficient manner. Example: OYO

Secondly, try to integrate that your business model should have a network effect. Where customers have piled up within your platform. Example: Truecaller

Thirdly, try to enter into a space where there is no competition. Example: Zepto ( initially this startup entered into quick commerce space)

Fourthly, your service to your consumer should be irreversible. This means your customers have to feel difficulty avoiding your service over a period of time. Example: OLA

Fifthly, Always try to give service at affordable price. Your customer feels that their money is saved. Example: Dmart and Zerodha (fewer brokerage fees)

Don't run behind valuation instead create value that changes people's lives. Example: Zoho

Try to solve customer problem from the existing system Example: Thyrocare (Bring down price of thyroid testing from 1000 to 50 rupees)