India is having 107 unicorns with a valuation of over $377 billion.

The startup boom came after the launch of JIO in 2016. JIO gave the internet for free.

In 2016 internet users in India were only 35 crores. But after the launch of JIO, now in 2022, there are massive 65 crores of internet users.

Due to the JIO internet wave, there was an increase in smartphone and internet users.

So, this opens tons of opportunities to build businesses. Now right from eCommerce, logistics, and food delivery runs from the internet.

Ultimately, JIO was the lifeline for every startup in India. Because it gave an entirely new dimension.


After the launch of JIO, there was a massive increase in eCommerce sales. This led to the birth of D2C brands like Mamaearth, Nykaa, Sugar Cosmetics, Boat, and many more. Now there are over 800+ D2C brands 

Even Online education is another big market in India where a lot of startups are thriving with their tech. Byjus is one of the most valued startups in India with a $20 billion valuation.

Food delivery apps and startups are thriving from billions of dollars in India. This wouldn't be possible without JIO. Zomato ==$5.5 billion in valuation Swiggy== $1.3 billion in valuation

Online gaming is on an insane level in India right now. Even fantasy gaming also emergency rapidly all across the country. online Gaming is worth of $2.5 billion and fantasy gaming stood at a $1.5 billion market cap.