Angel Investors are one who invests in a startup during its initial stages.

He might be a businessman or rich person who has a great interest in the startup.

Many startup founders will pitch their startup idea in front of Angel investors to get funding.

Angle investors invest in startups by just understanding the business model.

It is hard to raise money with venture capitalists because they will never risk investing money in the early stage.

But Angel investors will invest in the startup if the business idea is standing out.

Even Zomato also started with angel investment by Sanjeev Bikchandini ( founder of Info Edge)

If any startup needs a big investment then it is better to seek an angel investor.

Angle investors give wings to fly and also guide in the startup journey. Even some angel investors connect with the right people to grow your startup.

So, Angle investors will take high equity comparatively of your startup because they are risking their money by investing at the very early stage.