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Zepto Startup Story (Standford Dropouts) bring 10 minutes grocery


2021 made us know the importance of online. As COVID-19 hit India and wreck the business sales in blunder. Even there was a lot of restriction on the movements of the people across the cities.

Then the only service available was online delivery. Subsequently, online Grocery startups like Grofers, Instamart, Dunzo, and Jio Mart got huge sales. These online grocery delivery platforms made double or triple revenue in a shot.

Even people opting safe choice, online delivery is given a lot of preferences. So, there is a lot of demand for online groceries in India even today. Because social distancing and covid dark shadow had never completely wept off.

But the only problem emerging as of late deliveries. The minimum average time of the grocery delivery is between 45 minutes to an hour. This made the customer unhappy. Customers always hate waiting for essential needs.

Finally, Zepto Startup brings all the solutions to the problems. As it promises to deliver the grocery within 10 minutes.

Here in this blog, you will be going to get an entire analysis of Zepto Startup Story. 

  1. What is Zepto?
  2. How does Zepto deliver 10 minutes grocery delivery?
  3. Who are the Founders of Zepto?
  4. Funding of Zeopto?
  5. What is the Business model of Zepto?

Even these above questions are also going to crack down in this Zepto Startup Story.

Zepto Startup


It is an Indian company, based out of Mumbai, which provides online grocery services via its app. Even it promises to deliver 10 minutes grocery delivery at the customer’s doorstep.

As Zepto eliminates the prolonged waiting period of the customers. From the market research, Zepto founders made conclusive evidence that the waiting period made customers feel uneasy.

Aadit Palicha and Kaivalya Vohra are the founders of Zepto Startup. As the founders are Standford dropouts and ages of just 19 years. They came back from the US to build and solve the problems in the existing society.

Zepto Startup now has a presence across 7 different states across India like Bengaluru, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Pune, Gurugram, Delhi, and Chennai.

Now, the 10 minutes grocery delivery startup, Zepto aims to grow revenue by 40X and touch $20 billion Company Valuation by 2024. Till now it has raised $50million and $100 million for $570 million valuations.

As of now, Zepto startup delivers over 10,000 orders per day. Now the Zepto is focusing on scaling up the business. 

On the other side, it is building a robust supply chain to get deliver the grocery in time. Even they are building dark houses across the areas. Till now it had built 100 dark houses ( micro warehouses).

Zepto Startup is following the quick commerce business model.  Their primary aim is to provide grocery delivery within 10 minutes.

Zepto startup story is all about Standford Dropouts. Then build this company with all the circumstances. Zepto Founders played a vital role in building the startup.

It is an inspirational and interesting story.

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Zepto Startup Story

Problems are the basic building of the startup. Because solving the problems is a core entity where startup plays a vital role.

For example, there were a lot of unorganized sectors in hospitality in India. So, this problem gives rise to OYO. Another one, there were a lot of issues and unfair prices by the taxis. So, this gave rise to the OLA.

Hence, solving a problem existing in society is a primary focus of any startup. Even Zepto Startup story also falls into this category.

Zepto founders are passionate and have an optimistic mindset. Because they came from the US to start a startup in India

Zepto startup story starts from the founders Aadit Palicha and Kaivalya Vohra’s love for startups.

Zepto founders

Aadit Palicha is passionate about entrepreneurship and the Startup ecosystem. At the age of 17, he builds his first start GoPool. As it is a ride-sharing platform exclusively built for college students.

Then he did his schooling in Dubai and native of Mumbai. He used to come with his friend Kaivalya Vohara to Mumbai every year. So, he got some exposure to the India startup ecosystem early on.

Subsequently, then in 2020, Aadit Palicha and Kaivalya Vohra got a seat at Standford University in computer science. Due to the covid pandemic, the academic went through online mode.

But Aadit Plaicha did not want to start his journey in Standford. He thought to take a break and join when college resume in offline mode.

So, skipped joining Stanford University. Even his friend Kaivalya Vohra took the same decision. Then both came to Mumbai and took a flat.

Then both were started to do a thing about building a startup in India. But, unfortunately even India made national wide lockdown in the country.

So, both were disappointed once again. During the lockdown, there was a lot of demand for online grocery platforms. As duo observed the rise of grocery delivery platforms like Bigbasket, Instamart, Grofers, and Jio Mart.

Even Aasit Plaicha and Kaivalya started ordering online for the grocery. Every time both were frustrated due to late deliveries.

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Beginning of Zepto startup Story

Later, with a lot of market research and analysis both started their startup during a pandemic. In 2020, the duo started Kirana Kart an online grocery service.

Here, Kirana Kart tied up with local vendors to fulfill the orders. So, both local shopkeepers and the customers will be benefited, Here, they observed another loop that, they could not deliver the grocery in time.

However, the supply chain was not in their control. So, there was a lot of effort made to deliver the grocery in time.

Here, one incident leads to the Zepto startup. Once, both were analyzing the data from the consumer perspective. Here, they got to know that lower the delivery time higher the customer retention.

Ultimately, Aadit Plaicha and Kaivalya got the right niche to target the consumers. So, they ended the Kirana Store and started Zepto in April 2021.

Zepto means the smaller unit of time Zepto second. They portray the delivery timings that will take no time. So, they focus to deliver the grocery within 10 minutes.

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Zepto Business Model


Here, Zepto focuses on delivering the grocery at a quick pace. So, they adopted the Quick Commerce business model.

In quick commerce, tiny warehouses are built in large numbers within a specific area.

So, here the more micro warehouses get the message of the orders according to the nearest point of order. In this way, groceries can be delivered faster to the consumers.

Zepto founders understood that the inventory business model won’t work for quick deliveries. As in the inventory business model, there will be one huge warehouse in the city which caters to the whole customer at once. So, it takes time to get the order and fulfill the grocery delivery to the end consumers.

Therefore, the quick commerce business model is the solution for fast deliveries.

So, even Zepto is spending a lot of money to build warehouses in the different cities. As of now, Zepto startup is working in 7 cities in India. Trying to scale to the other cities at a quick pace. 

Investors like Glade Brook, Nexus, Lachy Groom, Y Combinator, Global Founder Capital made some huge investments in the firm.

Zepto fundings 2022

Zepto, India’s promising ten minutes grocery delivery startup has raised $200 million in its Series D Round. The Y combinator is the leading investor of the round.

Zepto startup values at $900 million after the funding round. Now Zepto will be close to the unicorn club in 2022. This startup had not made a wide presence but the founders of Zepto Adit Palicha and Kaivalya Vohra Standford dropouts made a difference.

Their zeal and ambition made the investors invest in the company. Now ten minutes grocery delivery concept is on top.

 Companies like Swiggy are investing $700 million into their grocery segment to pace up their operations. Its rival is likely to acquire Blinkit to tough competition to the Swiggy Instamart.

Zepto fundings 2022 will be a game-changer for its growth and operation. Because finance plays the main role to compete for behemoths in the industry.

Zepto founders became the youngest millionaires

Zepto 10 minutes grocery delivery startup took down the competition ferociously. It just changes the standard of online deliveries.

In 2022, Zepto founders Kaivalya Vohra and Aadit Palicha came under the spotlight.

As per the IIFL Wealth Hurun 2022, Kaivalya Vohra is the youngest self-made wealthy individual in India. Even Aadit Palicha is the youngest rich individual in the country.

According to the report, Zepto founder Vohara’s wealth is around 1000 crores. As he ranks 1,036 on the list. On the other side, Palicha ranks 950th place on the list. His wealth is estimated at over 1,200 crores.

In this way, Zepto founders became India’s youngest self-made millionaires. Both are Standford dropouts, their problem-solving ability made them start Zepto in 2021.

Zepto comes under the quick commerce space. Here the deliveries are fast and consumers can get the delivery within 10 to 15 minutes. Here this startup claims that blanket grocery delivery will happen within 10 minutes after the order is placed.

So in this way, Zepto transformed the online grocery space in 2021. And now it is making a massive shift in space. Even established players like Bigbasket, Swiggy Instmart, Dunzo, and JIO Mart are competing against Zepto.

In this way, Zepto founders, Aadit Palicha and Kaivalya Vohra are disrupting online grocery delivery. Now, everyone can get the chance to get the grocery in 10 minutes.

Zepto startup story is a truly inspirational one. Zepto startups teach the importance of market research and analysis.

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