Kfc founder story

Harland Sanders born in september 9,1890 at Indiana,US.At the age of 5,he lost his father.Then at the age 10 he was working in farm.

He left his home at the age 12 because of the humiliation of his step father.Then he did odd jobs to support his education

Finally he dropped out of 7th grade.Did lot of jobs like salesman,tyre sales,midwife,secretary.

Then he got married and blessed with 3 childrens.Later he got divorced due to financial circumstances.

He worked in SHELL fuel station.Also cooked french Chicken using pressure cooker. Then it was a massive hit

Again he lost everthing and was left with $105. Then he again build his franchise model.

Finally at age 74, he was a millionaire.Now there are over 25,000 KFC Franchises across 135 countries.