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Colonel Harland Sanders life story behind KFC 


It will be great to know about KFC founder and worthwhile. The man who was born lived and died facing a struggle. 

It is an inspiring story of Colonel Harland Sanders who built KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken). 

A lot of people just get worried and annoyed with the trivial matter. But the man faced humiliation, struggle, and challenges throughout his life. 

Colonel Harland Sanders life justifies the saying ” Succes does not have a age”. Yes, it is true, Colone Harland left his home at the age of 12 and went on to struggle with his business till his 70s. 

It will be a truly fascinating story about the KFC founder. Rani 

Colonel Sanders Harland life 

Harland was born on September 9th, 1890 in Indiana. He comes from a humble family. He had two younger siblings. So at a very young age, he came to know about the value of money. 

Then unfortunately he lost his father at the age of 5. As a result, all the responsibility and burden went onto his mother’s shoulders. It was a tough time for his family. 

While his mother took some odd jobs to maintain the family, on the other side, Harland Sanders went to work on farms. Subsequently, Harland’s took responsibility of the family at a very young age. 

The situation went on to go worst. As he lost his job at the farm. Finally, his mother got married. Then his stepfather was always humiliated by the children. 

So life was a disaster for Harland Sanders. Finally, he decided to step out of his home at the age of 12. Then he went to school and managed the expenses with his odd jobs. So in the morning, he was going to school, and then she was busy doing odd jobs. 

Finally, in grade 7, he dropped out of college. Afterward, he continued looking for jobs. As time passed, he did multiple jobs such as salesman, typing, insurance agent, midwife, secretary, and many more. 

Even he also served in the army for 6 months. But this is not the reason for the name Colonel. 

Harland Sanders Family 

Until now, Harland Sanders continued his journey with struggles and miseries. Then he got some stable jobs and got married. Later he got blessed with 3 children. 

But his misfortune continued with his family too. By then, Harland Sanders served as a lawyer. But in some specific cases, his reputation got damaged. So it was full stop for his law career. 

Again the financial condition of the family deteriorated. There was always a fight between Harland and his wife. Finally, Harland Sanders, Wife Josephine went to his father’s house. 

To reunite his family, Harland Sanders went to console her wife. But it did not go on very well. In the end, Harland Sanders and Josephine got divorced. 

Ultimately, Colonel Harland Sanders life is full of miseries.

Beginning of the KFC story

KFC Chicken Recipe secret

Now it was a very tough time for Harland Sanders. He could not enjoy his childhood and also with his own family. After getting divorced. 

Then he went on to work in a gas station called Shell. As he was working in a gas station, he was also making delicious dishes in the backyard. So that he could earn some extra penny. 

Harland Sanders was regarded as a great cook. He could make anything delicious. But the only thing that he did not know was french chickens. 

Because it took him long time to cook for almost an hour. So it was a great loss if we continue to serve French chicken. Then he finally quit cooking french chicken. 

But all day long he was thinking about the process of making french chicken within 15 minutes. After the endless iteration, he cooked French chicken with the help of a pressure cooker. It turned out to be a gold mine for him. 

With the help of the pressure cooker, cooked delicious chicken. Then he got recognized for his delicious french chicken. Even he also mixed 11 Herbs and spices to make such a wonderful dish. Till today it is a trade secret. 

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Raise of KFC

Harland Sanders fame is at top of the town. On the other hand,  Matt Stewart was furious against the growth of Harland Sanders.

Matt was the owner of another gas station, he could not tolerate the growth of Shell and Sanders French Chicken. 

The enimity was at the peak, where Matt aimed to gun-shot Harland Sanders. Fortunately, the gunshot missed by an inch. Then at the court, Matt Stewart got imprisoned for 18 years. It was an end for Matt. 

On the other side, Harland Sanders was busy making money with his French chicken. So this was the best part of Colonel Harland sanders life.

‘Colonel’ for Harland Sanders 

At the age of 40, Sanders reputation and recognition for his extraordinary cooking skills was at the peak. Especially everyone loved him for his French chicken dish. 

During that time he built a lot of reputation around his colony. So the president, Ruby Lafon gave Harland Sanders the title ” Colonel” as the symbol of his reputation.

The struggle of KFC founder Harland Sanders

It is not a Happy Ending for Harland Sanders. His journey with misfortune continued with his fate. He opened his restaurant KFC (Kentucky French Chicken). Then the restaurant was also giving promising results for his growth. 

But due to the effects of World War 2, his restaurant got burnt. So it was very unfortunate for KFC founder Colonel Harland Sanders. 

Still, there is a lot of Misfortune left in the KFC founder story. 

Again after the war, Harland Sanders opened another restaurant in a different location. But to his misfortune, the restaurant got to be demolished due to the new project of underpass or road construction. 

During that stage, he lost everything in his life. He invested everything in the restaurant but the restaurant got destroyed. So he hardly gets $105 social security savings. 

At the age of 65, what a man can do with$105 it?

So there were continuous failures for Harland Sanders in his life.

Growth in Colonel Harland Sanders life 

Harland Sanders Biography

Everyone will think that it is the end of the KFC founder’s life. But surprisingly it is a new beginning for his new journey. At the age of 66, he took his old Ford car with a lot of pressure cookers. 

This time is not going to open a restaurant, instead, he will sell his KFC chicken. Harland Sanders thought to build a franchise model for his KFC. 

For his first attempt, he went to the restaurant and try to explain his idea. Then he finally made delicious french chicken and presented it to the customers.

 A lot of customers were happy with the taste of French chicken and even the sales were also too good. 

In this way, his first franchise model was built in Pete Harman’s restuarant. Something good was happening in Colonel Harland Sanders life. Pete Harman was the first to give the title “Finger Licking Chicken”. As of now, it has become an iconic statement. 

Finally, Harland Sanders went to different restaurants and built his franchise model. By 1962, there were over 600 KFC franchises. 

And also there were over 900 KFC franchises in Japan and China. So it was a roller coaster ride for the KFC founder and his chicken.

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KFC Harland Sanders Company

Until then, Colonel Harland Sanders was building his KFC franchise model personally. Then a businessman called Jhon notices the growth of KFC. 

Subsequently, job approached Harland Sanders to sell his business. Finally, Harland Sanders, KFC founder sold his company for $2 million to John

Ultimately Colonel Harland Sanders sold his business at the age of 74. In this way, Harland Sanders became a millionaire at the age of 74.

During this business, Harland Sanders made it mandatory that the taste and flavor should be according to the standards of KFC. 

Then again the business was sold to another company in 1978. There the company tried to inculcate new flavors. Frequently challenges others who also visited his KFC franchise. But there he noticed that all his standards of flavors were not followed. 

It made him annoyed and worried about the business. Finally, he also went to court and land compensation of $1 million. 

Again with his competitive spirit, alan Sanders opened his own restaurant called “Claudia Sanders Dinner House“. There he sold his Kentucky french chicken.

Once again there was a violation because he could not sell his chicken other than in KFC, as he already sold his business. 

And till the end, there was an issue rising over the court again and again. 

Finally, now KFC is owned by YUM brands.

At present, there are over 25000 KFC franchises across the world. So it was a massive success in Colonel Harland Sanders life. But the journey was not easy, instead, it was full of miseries and failures.

KFC founder, Colonel Harland Sanders is an inspiration for a lot of entrepreneurs. Now a lot of continents are worried about failures. 

But Colonel Harland Sanders life is a great example to overcome failures and but towards success tirelessly. 

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