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Shark Tank US startup: Curie

Soruce: Shark Tank US Youtube channel

Founder name: Sarah Moret

Curie Started: 2019

Shark Tank initial deal: $300 for 10% equity and 4% advisory shares.

Image Soruce : Shark Tank US Youtube Sony Pictures

Curie is a skin care product used for the armpit. Most of them are tired of using deodorants to not be placed in an embarrassing situation. 

But most of the perfume or deodorants will not last long. So, to solve this problem Curie presented in front of shark Tank US season 13. 

Sarah Moret is the founder of Curie startup. Earlier she used to work in a VC firm. Subsequently, she moved to the investment side. There she frequently meets a lot of entrepreneurs  for investment. This always motivates her to become an entrepreneur. 

So finally in 2019, she launched the product with accurate research. Even the Curie product has all the essential ingredients to smell armpit aromatic. 

Curie Revenue

The startup has sold worth up $125,000 in the first year. Then in the coming year, the sales ramped up to $700,000. 

Till now Curie’s startup ash raised $ 1 million from external investors. 

Even the margins are also great on the Curie products, which cost around 260 cents and sell at $ 12. 

Shark Tank US Judges Investments :

 Mark Cuban was one of the richest Shark Tank judges and Barbara made an investment of $300. Shark Tank US judges made investments because of the founder’s hard work, dedication, and baldness.

This was one of the most anticipated startups of Shark Tank US startups 2022.

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Shark Tank US startups: JAX Sheets

Soruce: Shark Tank US Youtube channel

Founder name: Wen Muenyi

JAX Sheets Started: 2022

Shark Tank initial deal: $212k for 10%

This is one of the Unique products of shark Tank US 2022. Jas Sheets startups provide bed sheets made up of bamboo ingredients. 

The specialty of Jax sheets is their durability. Most of the bed sheets need to be washed once a month. But Jax Sheets bed sheets will be completely good without washing for a year. 

Since the bed sheet is made up of antifungal bamboo and even the durability is extensive. So the bedsheet never stinks. 

Wen Muenyi is the founder of Jax sheets. He is not from Harvard or any business background entrepreneur. Instead, he is from a rural background, he does not have a professional business attitude. 

Because when he presented to the Shark Tank judges, he didn’t even know the customer acquisition cost. However, Shark Tank judges were very because of office in a sense. 

Besides bed sheets, the Jax sheets startup also sells T-shirts made up of copper-infused fabrics. These t-shirts have a long-lasting aroma and never stink quickly. Jax Sheets is one of the Shark Tank US startups which is solving real problems.

Jax Sheets Revenue

The startup made $ 350,000 in 2022 from its first year. It has great margins of over $70%. Even the startup had made $270,000 from sales of T-shirts and underwear.  

Shark Tank US Judges Investments :

However, shark Tank investors did not make an investment in the startup. Because the Founder did not have professional business sense. Even the Founder did not know the customer acquisition cost. However, he is just started with his passion. 

All Shark Tank judges applauded them for his entrepreneurial spirit.

Specially Mark Cuban was impressed by his innocence.

US startup: Yellow Leaf

Soruce: Shark Tank US Youtube channel

Founder name: Demin and Rachel Connors

Yellow Leaf Started: 2020

Shark Tank initial deal: $400K for 7%

Shark Tank final deal: $1 million for 25%

The name sounds unique, even this startup also sells amazing hammocks. Using this hammock, the yellow leaf startup has made attractive furniture products. 

So now hammocks is not limited to beaches but now one can keep Yellow Leaf hammocks in the house or the office. 

Joe Demin and Rachel Connors(husband-wife) are the founders of Yellow. As this idea popped up to Joe Demin when he went on a trip to Southeast Asia. 

He noticed, there were a lot of hammocks of were sold in Thailand. Basically, hammocks were made up of cocoons by the backward classes of people. 

So there was a Social Welfare Group, who are purchasing from underprivileged classes so that they can get financial aid. Here Joe Demin thought to help them too. 

In 2020, he started Hammocks startup Yellow leaf. Here the hammocks what modified to look attractive and attractive furniture. 

Now, Yellow Leaf startup is in the shark tank US show to raise $400k. Yellow Leaf Hammocks are one of the unique products in Shark Tank US season 13. 

Shark Tank US startups: Yellow Leaf Revenue 

This start-up has a pretty good number, in the first year, Yellow lead made whopping sales of $860K with a $110 net profit. Even if there is a great margin for the product. As it takes only 149 and sells for $44. 

In 2021, the Yellow Leaf startup crossed a million mark in revenue of over $1.2 million in sales. 

So, Shark Tank judges were amazed and thrilled to invest in the firm. 

US startup: Springer

Soruce: Shark Tank US Youtube channel

Founder name: Griffin and Shannon Ross

Springer Started: 2016

Shark Tank initial deal: $400k for 6% of the startup

Shark Tank final deal: $400k for 10% of the startup

Image Soruce : Shark Tank US Youtube Sony Pictures

Springer startup made innervated bottles, which makes it easy to feed water to the dogs. Most dog lovers find it difficult to feed water to their pets. Many times your pet might spill the water and finally make the place a mess. 

So, Griffin and Shannon Ross (brother-sister duo) so are solving a problem by introducing Springer bottles. The specialty of Springer is the way water flashes when we squeeze the bottle. Then the squeezed water can be easily drunk by the dogs. 

The water gets popped out of the bottle and then goes back into the water bottle through the large funnel-like cap. So this is one of the best dog products presented at Shark Tank US season 13. 

Hello, this innovative product was made by the founder’s father who is an inventor. Till now they filed 8 patents.

Shart Tank US startups: Springer Revenue 

This unique dog product startup, Springer made$711K in its first year of launch in 2016. Then 

2017- $650k revenue 

2018- $750k revenue 

In 2020, there was a break-even for Springer, where it made $1.2 million in revenue. 

Shark Tank US judges Investment: Springer 

Many shark Tank judges work as using its founder for taking a salary of$70k each in a year. However, Lorie gave an offer of $400k for 10%.


Shark Tank US startup: Pooch Selfie

Soruce: Shark Tank US Youtube channel

Founder name: Griffin and Shannon Ross

Pooch Selfie Started: 2016

Shark Tank initial deal: $100k for 29%of the startup

Shark Tank finall deal: $100k for 33.3%of the startup

Image Soruce : Shark Tank US Youtube Sony Pictures

Jason founder of Pooch Selfie, who is an avid dog lover. So his love for his dog was massive. Many times he was to take selfies with his dog.

 But he failed to get a good selfie. Because most of the time his Dog did not focus on the camera. Finally, he could not get the best selfies with his dog. 

From these circumstances, he came up with the idea of the Pooch Selfie. Here, a ball is placed just above the phone with the help of the clamp. 

So whenever a dog lover wants to take a selfie, he or she would place a ball on top of the phone with the help of the clamp supporter. 

So the dog will focus on the ball, then one can easily click the best selfies with their dog. Ultimately is one  of the best dog products at Shark Tank US season 13. Even it is one of the best Shark Tank US startups in 2022. 

Pooch Selfie founder Jason started this startup with an initial investment of $80k. However, is still doing a job in electronic sales to support his family.

 But still, he is very passionate about the startup. Even he become a bit emotional during the Shark Tank US season 13 show.

Shart Tank US startups: Pooch Selfie Revenue 

Jason had sold over 15,800 units worth $380k. Even this product has a great margin of more than 50%. It takes to make 999 and sell it at $30. 

Shark Tank US judges Investment: Pooch Selfie

Most of the investors at the Shark Tank India US came out of the day. But Daymond, who had a great love for his dog invested in the startup with $100k for 1/3rd of the company.


Shark Tank US startup: Swift Paws

Soruce: Shark Tank US Youtube channel

Founder name: Megan Wolfgram

Swift Paws Started: 2019

Shark Tank initial deal: $280k for 6% of the startup

Shark Tank final deal deal: $280k for 6% (Golden Ticket)

Image Soruce : Shark Tank US Youtube Sony Pictures

It is very tedious to give enough exercise to our pets. Especially for dogs, there is no better exercise than running. But most pet owners will not find any time to play with their pets. 

Many dogs will not get enough exercise and finally, e suffers a lot because of digestion issues. So, Swift Paws solving this problem with its unique dog product. 

Swift Paws has the equipment, where the dog has to catch a cloth from the running motion of the thread. In short, a cloth is attached to running thread. Then the dog had to chase the cloth which is changing its direction rapidly.

Shark time judges were fascinated by the product. It was the best dog product ever seen on Shark Tank US season 13. 

Megan Wolfgram is the founder of Swift Paws. Of she did economics and took holiday to start the venture. 

Swift Paws Revenue 

The startup started in 2018 but start selling the product in 2019. 



Even Meghan Wolfgram diluted her company for the investment of$650k. Now she currently owns 63% of the company.

Shark Tank US judges Investment: Swift Paws

All the investors at the Shark Tank show were amazed by the product. Everyone praises The founder. Then Lorie gave the gold ticket.

Shark Tank US startup: Project Pollo

Soruce: Shark Tank US Youtube channel

Founder name: Lucas Bradburry

Project Pollo Started: 2021

Shark Tank initial deal: $2.5 million for 5%

Image soruce -sony pitctures

In the Shark Tank US, season 13, Lucas Bradburry is pitching c his Startup ” Project Pollo”.
Project Pollo is a plant-based startup, where it uses unique technologies to make chicken-like flavors without the use of chickens.

The food will be similar to the chicken flavors and taste but it uses only herbs and other ingredients.

Lucas Bradburry started ” Project Pollo ” in 2021. The entrepreneur is confident about his startup. Now he is seeking $2.5 million for 5% of his company.

But Shark Tank US judges Kevin Hart and Barbara noticed existing problems in his business. Where Lucas expanding his business fastly. So all the time it will be more expensive and a burden to the startup.

Till now Project Pollo Startup made $3 million from 8 stores in the US. And the founder of ProjectPollo, Lucas is anticipating opening another 5 stores within the coming months. The entire business model of Project Pollo is ” Brick and Motor”.

There are no online sales, this startup is entirely dependent upon the physical Store.

Lucas started this business with an initial investment of $60,000. Even he had raised $1.7 million from a single investor.

However, Lucas comes from a humble background, where he could not able to offer his studies. His dad was a bus driver and his mom was a cook in a restaurant.

So he started as a delivery boy at Pizza Hut. Over time he got a promotion and also became a manager.

Then he got the opportunity to work with plant-based chicken products. There he noticed the business was feeling very fast and rapid. So there he got his entrepreneurial stint.

But Shark Tank US judges ok are not ready to invest in the business. Because there was a rapid expansion and also a high valuation of the company.

However, Project Pollo is one of the Shark Tank US best startups in 2022. But his miscalculated expansion did not stand appealing to judges.

Finally, he could not get a deal in Shark Tank US season 13.

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