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101 Indian Startup Founders


Kunal Shah

Startups :Free Charge and Cred

He sold his first startup Freecharge to Snapdeal for 2800 crores in 2015. Then Kunal Started his another startup Cred in 2020 and now its valuation stood at $6.4 billion. But still Cred is loss making company.


Startups :Flipkart and Naavi

He is one of the best Indian startup founders who build Flipkart in the early day of 2008. During those times, hardly had internet access for the user. Started by selling books online and now it had acquired by Walmart for $16 billion. Now Sachin Bansal started Naavi’s startup which provides loans and insurance.


Startup :Nykaa

She was at the top of her career in the Banking space as “Director of Kotak Bank”. But her entrepreneurial love, she resigned from the job and started Nykaa in 2012, Now, Falguni Nayar is a self-made riches Indian women entrepreneur with a net worth of $2.7 billion in 2023. Even her startup Nykaa’s valuation is at $13 billion.


Deepinder Goyal

Startup : Zomato

Deepinder Goyal just changed the way we order food. He started Zomato in 2008 where users can see the details of restuarant menu cards. Now, this company provides online food delivery across India. Currently, Zomato has over 1.4 million restaurant listings with 6500 partners and over 2.8 lakh delivery drives. Now Zomato’s valuation stood at $8.7 billion.



Sriharsha Majety

Startups : Bundl, Swiggy

Sriharsha Majety is an Indian startup founder of Swiggy which delivers food online. He build his first logistics company called “Bundl” which aggregated with other companies like Flipkart and other local stores. Then it did not scale. So, he started Swiggy in 2014. Now Swiggy Valuation stood at $5.5 billion and planning for its IPO by 2025.


Gaurav Munjal

Startup :Unacademy

Gaurav Munjal started a youtube channel in his college day where he was teaching programming languages. From the youtube channel to building India’s largest online learning platform Unacademy. Now the startup had become profitable as well. In 2023, Unacademy valuation stood at $3.4 billion


Supam Maheshwari

Startup : FirstCry

Supam Maheshwari could not able to get good gifts for his child in India. As he understood there was no market to provide great quality products for babies and children. So, he started Firstcry in 2010. In 2022, Firstcry made revenue of 2400 crores with 400 stores across Indian states. As Supam Maheswari is one amony the best Indian Entrepreneurs.


Sagar Daryani

Startup : Wow Momo

Sagar Daryani in his college days use to eat momos in his area. There he found out problems about with the unhygienic and brokedown market. So in 2008, he started his own Momos stores in a mall. where he used to hire a cook to prepare momos and then use to sell, Now Sagar Daryani build the Wow Momo brand with 425 outlets in 19 Indian cities.


Shashank ND

Startup :Practo

As Shashank’s parents always had a problem storing hospital prescriptions and reports. So, he thought to digitalize the entire hospital ecosystem. In 2008 he started Practo which provides SAAS products so hospitals can store the patient’s data digitally in a secure manner. Now, Practo has 7600 clinics and it made 200 crores in revenue in 2022. As Shahshand ND was one of the early Indian startup founders who step into the health-tech space.


Alakh Pandey

Startup : Physics Wallah

He is from Uttar Pradesh, where he dropped out of engineering because of his love for teaching physics. So, he started a youtube channel named ” Physics Wallah” where he used to teach physic in a more fascinating manner. Now he build an ed-tech platform that provides both online and offline classes at affordable prices. IN 2022, Physics Wallah made 230 crores in revenue and it is the only profitable ed-tech in India. Alakh Pandey is one of the inspiring Indian entrepreneurs of India.


Ashish Hemarajini

Startup : Bookmyshow

He is one of India’s greatest Indian startup founders. As he started Bookmyshow in 1999 where there was no internet. Then he was delivering movies to the user’s doorsteps. Now in 2022, the company made 200+ crores of revenue. Bookmyshow is the largest event ticket booking platform.


Ritesh Agarwal

Startup :OYO

He is one of the youngest Indian startup founders who build multi-billion dollar businesses. Ritesh Agarwal always finds highly-priced hotels in India. So, he decided to build a startup that can provide a 5-star hotel experience with affordable prices. In 2013 he started OYO and now it is present in 80 countries with 43,000 hotels. OYO startup founder Ritesh Agarwal’s net worth is over 8000+ crores.


Sridar Vembu

Startup : Zoho

Sridar Vembu started Zoho in 1996 where it provides SAAS services to corporate companies. Even Zoho started an initiative where it educates rural students and provides jobs. Yes, even they pay while students are students in their organization. Sri Vembu’s simplicity is the face of Zoho. In 2022, Zoho made 2400 crores of profits


Vijay Shekar Sharma

Startups : One97 communication, Paytm

Vija Shekar Sharm is one of the aspiring figures among Indian entrepreneurs. He was from a rural part of Aligarh where he could not able speak English in his engineering. But out of all odds, he build Paytm in 2010 which introduced mobile-based online payment in India. Now his company values at over $16 billion


Ahiraj Singh Bhal

Startup : Urban Company

Abhiraj Singh with his two friends builds an Urban Company where it provides online home services from plumbing to beauty with 100 more services. It is present in 8 Indian cities and helps gig workers to increase their income by 1.5 to 2x. Urban company Entrepreneurs are role models for the Indian startup ecosystem.


Bhavish Agarwal

Startup : OLA

He just changed the traveling for the Indian people. Yes, he is one of the best Indian entrepreneurs in India. Bhavish Agarwal Taxi aggregating platform called Ola in 2010. This made taxi prices affordable in India. Now Indians are obsessed with Ola cabs where they book cabs over public transportation. Now Ola’s valuation stood at $4.8 billion. Even Bhavish took started an Electric scooter company called Ola Scooters. It sold over 3 lakhs of scooters within one year across India.


Harsh Jain

Startup : Dream 11

Harsh Jain went to US for his degree. During those years he played many E-sports games with his friends. But he was shocked after returings to India as there was no such e-sports. In 2008 he started Dream11 a fantasy cricket platoform but after multiple iteration in 2016 it got traction from Indians. Now in 2023, there are over 16 crores users and made 3200 crores of revenue.


Peyush Bansal

Startups : Searchmycampus, Lenskart

Peyush Bansla is famous as a Shark Tank Judge. He is one of amony icon Indian startup founders. Yes, he did multiple business and got multiple failures. Then he noticed India’s fragmented eyewear space. So, he started Lenskart in 2008. Now there are over 2000 Lenskart stores across India and made 1500 crores of revenue in 2022.

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