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Geeani in Shark Tank builds electric tractor for farmers

Shark Tank India season 2 is back with tremendous startups. Now there is a huge craze for entrepreneurship. In this show, the entrepreneur’s true struggles will appeal to the audience.

In India, there are over 10 crore farmers with less than 5 acres of land. So, these farmers cannot make more money from the yield. Even farmers have spent over 8 to 10% of their income on tractor services.

So, farmers are losing more than they earn. But now there is a solution to this problem.

Geeani a startup build the smallest electric tractor for farmers. It is solving and trying to leverage farmers by Geeani Tractors.

Keeping this solution, Geeani in Shark Tank is seeking 75 lakhs for 7.5% at a valuation of 10 crores.

Geeani startup in Shark Tank

Geeani is building relatively smaller and more efficient electric tractors. So, that the farmers can afford and cut down costs on traditional tractors.

Even these tractors can also be used for inter-cropping as well. This Ahmedabad-based startup Geeani started in 2022.

Till now this startup had not made any revenue, sales, or marketing. But Geeani startup made a video and roll it on social media. Then the video went viral and reached 1 lakh+ farmers’ communities. 

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Now, Geeani in shark tank is seeking 75 lakhs for 7.5% of the equity in the company.

Geeani founders journey

Geeani Electric Tractor Startup

Divyarisinh Bihola, Prajal Geeta Menon, and Anitha Panikar are the founder of Geeani startup.

The founders Prajal and Anitha are having a very strong bond. Since Prajal lost his parents at a very young age. So, Anitha being his teacher took the wholesome responsibility for him.

But Prajal Geeta Menon went into depression and had a tough year. Even he could not continue his education life too. So, he became a dropout.

To recoil Prajal, Anitha Panikar gave the freedom to explore. Then Prajal became better and also his interest in innovation had grown multifold.

He made a lot of innovations like making

  • Table Lamp
  • Wheel-less generator

and other innovative stuff.

Then Anitha Panikar was noticing his talent in innovation. She stood with him as a source of support and motivation.

Later, Prajal went on to work on an electric tractor project with the motive to help farmers. Even in the crucial step, Anitha was the backbone of his innovation.

But there was no one to support Prajal Geeta Menon’s work financially. Here, Anitha gave her all her savings and also jewels to fund his project. She gave over 25 lakhs for the project.

During the development of the smallest electric tractor, Divyarisinh Bhiola an automobile engineer became a core member of the Geeani.

Features of Geeani Tractors

These tractors surely help the farmers to get better yields and also cut down costs comparatively from traditional tractors.

Here are some of the features of Geeani electric tractors

  1. This tractor’s width is 3 feet which is 2x times less than the traditional tractors.
  2. Weights around 550 kg. But the traditional tractors weights from 1500 to 1700 kg.
  3. Geeani tractors technology is patented
  4. This electric tractor runs for over 6 hours for one liter of diesel.