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Many of us think that unicorns startups are thriving with profits and have dream run. But most of the Indian startups are running under losses for many years. So in this page ” Top 100 profitable startups reality check” brings the financial conditions of the indian startups.

So, you will get the ultimate picture of the startups revenues, losses, and profits.

Zerodha Revenue

India’a most profitable startup untill now (2023) it as not raised single rupee from investors. This stock brokrage firm posted. The founders are from Bangalore Nikil and Nithin Kamath ( Borthers)

4,964 crores of Revenue

2,094 crores of profit

Cardekho Revenue

Cardekho is  a platform to buy and sell used cars. This startup was started by Amit and Anurag Jain in 2007 under Girnar soft. It is the 70th unicorn startup of India

1,600 crores of Revenue

289 crores of loss

Swiggy Revenue

Swiggy is a online food ordering platform started in Bengaluru in 2014. Since then its user base increases a lot and its operating in 500 Indian cities. It is 13th Indian unicorn startup

5,700 crores of Revenue

3,600 crores of loss

APNA Revenue

This startup is a platform of job finders for the gig workers and white collors job. The founder of Apan startup is Nirmit Parikh. It has more 2 lakhs of hiring partners

64 crores of Revenue

112 crores of Loss

NOISE Revenue

Noise startup sells audio weareable wireless earphones,bluetooths,speakers. It is yet to become a unicorn since it is also a completely bootstrapped company.

793 crores of Revenue

36 crores of profit

OPEN Revenue

Open is a neobank platform where it function has banks but with no initial fee or charges and higher interest rates than traditonal banks. It is 100th unicorn startup of India

40.9 crores of Revenue

167 crores of loss

BYJUS Revenue

Byjus is one of the most valued startup in India.Its valuation stands at over $ 19 billion. But now in the FY21-22 it is under great losses and laid off more than 12,000 employees in the FY2021. Even it ranking No.1 in valuation 

2300 crores of Revenue

4600 crores of Loss

Zepto Revenue

Zepto is a online gorcery delivery startup. This startup made a sensational promise to delivery the grocery in 10 minutes to customer doorstep. It valuation is now at $900 million 

140 crores of Revenue

390 crores of profit


Unacademy is India’s largest edtech startup which is focusing on K-12 , competitive and government examination. Its valuation is at $3.4 billion and also one among the top 10 valuable startups in India

600 crores of Revenue

2700 crores of loss

Vendantu Revenue

Vendantu is a ed-tech startup and focusing on class 10 and 12 segment. Also it is providing competetive exams preparation. In 2022, Vedantu startup started by Vamshi Krishnan in 2012

169 crores of Revenue

700 crores of Loss

Udaan Revenue

Udaan is a B2B startup which connects retailors directly to manufacturers from its platforms. This startup was founded by ex-flipkart employees in 2016

9,900 crores of Revenue

3075 crores of profit

Zomato Revenue

Zomato is a India’s largest online food delivery startup. This startup has over 14 lakhs restuarant in India. Deependra Goyal is the founder of the Zomato.

3600 crores of Revenue

1200 crores of loss