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Wow momo success story


Food industries are always in high demand as always. India is a country where are a lot of different varieties of foods all over the country.

Having a business related to the food is a good option. Indian always love to explore varieties of food.

If the business caters to the quality of food with delicious taste then the business will be surely successful. Even a small idea can turn the fate of any person.

Always business has to be built according to consumer preference. If the consumer loves ice cream the business has to raise it accordingly. But with the unique implementation.

This is the story of two college boys where they build million dollar company. Apart from studying, passion about the brand and building business made the successful entrepreneurs.

Even decision plays an important role to shape the future. In the final year of their degree, the two boys went to start momos business. Now the momos business serves India across various states.

Passion and visions should be clear for any business owner. So, it is vital to have a strong mindset to start the business. Whether it is too small at the beginning stages no matter.

Here is a complete overview of the Wow momo success story. Where the business starts just in the small corner went on to become 1225 crores of business.

Wow Momo startup

Wow Momo is a platform, provides a wide variety of momos. Even hygiene and quality are the priority on their list. It is an Indian company based out of Kolkata.

Even the startup has brought a huge impact on the food industry. Momos did not have a brand until the Wow Momo got launched. So, Wow momo’s success story is the motivation for all the startups.

As the momos business was started by two college boys. So, passion and commitment to their work made them build a million-dollar business. More than that it gave a high standard for momos.

Sagar Daryani and Binod Homagai are the founders of Wow momo. These two college boys with an initial investment of INR 30,000 started the business in their college times. Now the Wow mom valuation is over 1224 crores.

Wow Momo company was started in 2008 to provide the best and quality of momos. Now the startup has spread to over 17 Indian states.

Even it made 120 crores of turnover in 2019. Then Wow momo is planning to open 150+ stores and 50 cloud kitchens in the coming years. Wow Momo company has 1200 employees.

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Wow momo success story

Every small company can become a famous brand with an idea. But, everyone has a misconception that brand is built by great people.

There is no such myth that exists now. A small idea and smart implementation are enough to build a brand. Even the world’s largest e-commerce giant Business Amazon also stared in a garage.

So, here Wow momo success story will be an inspiration for are all. A small food truck in a shopping center, now it is million dollar business.

It all starts from the dream and passion of the boy Sagar Daryani. He was passionate about all brands and loved to build one.

During his college day, he always tries to sketch all the logos of the brand in his textbooks, 

So, there were a lot of dreams built for the boy Sagar Daryani. But everything needs time to happen. Always it needs some people or incidents to propel out some great things.

If the DVD rental company, Blockbuster had not charged high fees to Reed Hasting, then Netflix would have not existed for today.

Ultimately, there should have some inner or external force that should prompt building a great business in the future. Sometimes, waiting for the right time is also wise.

Sagar Daryani and Binod were great friends. They both were studying at St. Xavier College, Kolkata. They were doing their undergrad.

Sagar Daryani was not great at maths. It was Binod who is constantly helping him in solving doubts.

 Even they both shares a common feeling and passion. Eventually, these factors made them good to great friends.

It was all a nice and healthy environment going on. But, Sagar Daryani had to face a great deal of depression due to the Break-up in the third year. So, he had to face a lot of negative thoughts.

Even in that depressing period, Binod was stood behind Sagar Daryani, Then Sagar was not able to study alone during those days. So, Binod always assists him while studying.

While studying, they used to eat snacks like pizza, Burgar, and many more. One day, Binod bought a Momos from a nearby shop.

But it was not just an ordinary Momos, instead, it was delicious and Sagar Daryani was fascinated by the taste.

Further, they both went to the shop frequently to eat Momos. Always Momos had the same delicious and extraordinary taste.

Once, Sagar Daryani thought to build a brand out of Momos. However, he had a lot of passion and zeal to build a brand. Even he had a business mindset.

Before starting a business, he made market research intensely. Then he understood the potholes in the specific industry.

Finally, he got to know that all momos did have the same delicious taste. Instead, there was a lot of horrible experience while tasting the momos in different places.

Primarily, Hygiene was the reason, people stepped back to eat momos. So, these are all the loopholes he found out earlier.

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Beginning of Wow momo success story

Finally, Sagar Darayani started Momos’s business. He did this when he was just 21, studying the third year of his degree.

Even Binod was his co-founder or partner in his business. So, he opened a small stall in a shopping center. He opened the shopping center to save on electricity and other inventory.

In 2008, both Sagar Daryani and Binod started Wow Momo. Even at that time, there was not a permanent employee to the business. Only the chef would come at 6:00 in the morning. 

Then he would do all the momo’s and leave. So, it was entirely left to Sagar Daryani and Binot to sell the momos. But, Sagar Daryani knows well that only the taste of the momos would make the business win.

So, Sagar always gave importance to the quality and taste. Initially, Sagar Daryani and Binod approached the people and gave the momos for free.

Sagar Daryani had the strong hope that momos taste would have a great impact on the people. Subsequently, people fall in love with delicious momos.

From then Wow momo became a brand in the town. Everday, Sagar Daryani took his father’s scooter to bring all the ingredients to the momos. As it was a journey of exploration, Sagar Daryani did not give up easily. 

Further, the business grew rapidly in the town. Even Sagar Daryani made Wow Momo a brand. As Wow mom is no less than Dominos or Pizza Hut.

Now there are around more than 375 stores across India. Now, the company is expanding their services too. Even they opened Wow china in 2019. Where it provides Chinese cuisine to the people.

In this way, Wow Momo success story is a true inspiration for all youths. Even it is the best example that a small idea can build successful businesses.

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Wow Momo Business Model

Businesses can become successful with the best business model. Even Wow Momo business model is appreciated.

Implementing the existing business model have a lot of complexity. Then creating and maintaining a new business model is a big puzzle.

There was a time where momos were hardly existing in any corner side of the road. Even people are too hesitant to eat due to hygiene issues.

From there to building a huge brand to the momos is not an easy meal. So, there is a lot of trial and error methods. Wow, Momo’s business model depends on the user’s review.

Here Sagar Daryani and Binot were too conscious about the people’s feedback. Each and every feedback turned them into a successful business now.

So, having a close connection between the customer and a business make wounders. Even Wow Momo founder, Sagar Daryani made implementation on the business on users feedback.

Then Sagar Daryani explores the varieties of momos in different cities and states. Even he makes sure that all the variety should have a place in their menu card.

Now, Wow momo has a high variety of momos in their business. Right from the veg to chicken momos are also available. There around more than 12 varieties of momos is available.

Even there are three ways of preparing momos Fried, pan-fried, and Steamed. So, Wow momo business was catering for a variety of people.

The special momos are Momos Burger, and Sizzle Momos available in Wow Momo. Even the company focuses on kids as well. To attract them they even launched chocolate momos.

Now, Wow Momo sells nearly 22,000 chocolate momos per day. So, businesses should always try to cater to all age groups.

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