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Unacademy startup story: Online Learning Platform


Online learning getting a lot to tractions these days. Extensive and seamless connectivity helps in adopting online education. Even Unacacdemy online learning platform has made a massive impact.

Every startup starts as a tiny module. During the processes, the startups shape up into massive companies. Online learning is also getting exponential growth due to Corona pandemics.

Online learning benefits both students and educators. So students get the opportunities to interact with top educators across India. Even students can ask doubts and get them cleared easily.

On the other hand, educators can also make money online within the comforts of their homes. Moreover, educators can reach out to more students and procure valuable teaching.

Even Unacademy online learning platform was initially a youtube channel. The company raised its upward trajectory and now its valuation is over $3.44 billion.

In this blog, we will take a deep dive into the Unacademy startup story.

Unacademy startup


Unacademy is an online learning platform. It is an Indian company where students can easily prepare for their competitive examinations.

It is a Bengaluru-based company and provides quality education at affordable prices. Besides, the platform has 1000+ top educators across India. 

Educators come from various high professionals degrees. Unacdemy educators teach in regional languages which enables students to deeper understanding.

Gaurav Munjal, Hemesh Singh, and Roman Saini are the founders of Unacademy.  These three entrepreneurs are very passionate and want to influence with education drive.

Unacademy was founded in 2015 and initially, it was a youtube channel get started in 2010. The trio desires to provide the best platform for both educators and students.

As of now, there are more than 3.5 lakhs paid users. The subscription-based model provides premium features. Even 2000+ lives classes are going on Unacademy every day. As a result, students can get a lot of classes for preparation.

Unacademy valuation raises to $3.44 billion after raising $440 million in fundings. The learning app, Unacademy turns into a unicorn in September 2020.

This platform had an extensive range of study materials. So that students can learn and practice for the competitive examination. On the platform, 3.2billion minutes have been spent by the students for preparations.

Students can prepare for any competitive examination. Unacademy provides online teaching for more than 60+ examinations. Even the platform started online classes for 6 to 12 standards. This online learning app provides all facilities. Here, Unacademy startup story plays vital role empowering students

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Unacademy startup story


Startups can just start with a minimalistic approach. So, it does not just require a fancy workspace instead a strong desire to impact.

Even Gaurav Munjal was a Computer engineering student. He was studying ing NMIMS Mumbai. Then he was very passionate about programming languages.

So, he thought to decide to make a short youtube video. Then he finally posted videos on variable on Youtube. 

After a while, the video got a lot of responses and likes from the viewers. Even some users commented to teach further concepts.

This gesture from the users became a source of inspiration to Gaurav Munjal. So, he went on to continue his youtube journey. It all happened in 2010.

On the other hand, Roman Saini is another friend of Gaurav Munjal. Roman was a very super intelligent student. He possesses enormous knowledge. Even Roman Saini at the age of 16 he cracked AIIMS.

Eventually, Roman Saini prepared for his civil services examinations. Then he went on to crack the IAS examination as well. As a result, he was serving society as an IAS officer.

Gaurav Munjal thought to focuses on posting competitive examinations. So he went on to approach Romain Saini to be part of his Youtube channel.

 Eventually, Roman Saini accept the request and was ready to be part of the educational channel.

Even another person is also important for the foundation Unacademy. Hemesh Singh had already launched the startup called Flatchat. It is a real estate platform where users can sell, buy, rent and lease the property.

At last, Flatchat was acquired by Commonfloor. Hemesh Singh possesses all the experience of starting up. 

Foundation of Unacademy startup story


Gaurav Munjal, Roman Saini, and Hemesh Singh were friends and all set to launch the startup. The trio went on to target the competitive examination sector.

Unacademy website version was launched in 2015. The ultimate goal was to provide a better platform for both educators and students. Further, Roman Saini resigns from his IAS post to work in Unacademy.

From this platform, students can get guidance from top educators in India. Even students can ask doubts and attempt quizzes to have a check their performance.

 Even students from rural backgrounds can seek the teaching of highly professional educators.

Educators can also teach for all the students from different states. Moreover, they can make money online from their extraordinary teaching skills. Further, educators get a bonus for their excellent performance on the Unacademy platform.

Unacademy online learning platform facilitates students with fees structures. It is not mandatory to pay a lump sum amount initially. Instead, they can pay for 6 or 12 or 24 months. If the student desires to continue then he/she can upgrade the plans.

Starting as a youtube channel to becoming a billion-dollar company is a tremendous achievement. Unacademy’s present valuation is $3.44 billion. In this way, the Unacademy startup story was built by three powerful leaders.

Unacademy Fundings

Ed-tech startups are getting a lot of traction these days. Pandemic and high digital adoption rates made the ed-tech sector vital.

Even the most valuable company of India is Byjus, an ed-tech platform. Its valuation rose to $16.5 billion.

So, investors are very keen on investing in ed-tech startups. Even Unacademy got total funding of $838.5 million from 41 investors.

In the latest round of funding, Unacademy was able to raise $440 million in their Series H round. 

The lead investors were Singapore Temasek. Other existing investors like Softbank Vision Fund, General Atlantic, and Tiger Global Management took part in the investments.

Even Ritesh Agarwal from OYO, Deepinder Goyal from Zomato, Krishna Kalyanmurthy from Flipkart, and Sujeet Kumar from Udaan also actively took part in the investment.

Unacademy acquisitions

Unacademy became India’s largest online learning platform in 2017 with more than 1+ million learners and 40k liver classes. This platform became huge and extensive from multiple acquisitions.

Here are the acquisitions of Unacademy

  1. WifiStudy
  2. CodeChef
  3. Kreatryx
  4. Mastree
  5. Prepladder
  6. TapCheif
  7. NeoStencil
  8. Coursavy
  9. Handa Ka Funda
  10. Rheo TV

This platform is impacting the educational sector digitally. Even it is creating the best platform for both educators and students. Now any student can learn online and can make the best use of it. 

Unacademy online learning platform providing better and excellent solutions. Students can prepare for competitive examinations online.

Download Unacademy Let’s crack it!

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