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Indigifts Founders got an offer at Shark Tank India


Gifts are among the commodities that are used to express love, gratitude, care, and many more. So, gifting has become a more integral part of humans on special occasions.

IndiGifts is a Jaipur gifting brand that started in 2017. Nitin Jain and Divya Jain are the Indigifts founders. 

The brand had started from Nitin Jains passion for design. He did his degree at the Birla Institute of Technology.

He had a great passion for design and advertising. Also, he met his wife, Divya Jain in his college days. Even Divya Jain founder of Indigifts, said that her husband was given 100 gifts in 6 years of their love life.

Another surprising thing is that all the gifts are crafted by Nitin Jain himself.

Indigifts: Shark Tank India

Indigifts founders Nitin Jain and Divya Jain had their initial offer for 50 lakhs for 2% at a valuation of 25 crores.

Now their Indigifts brand is focusing on providing emotional-driven and value-driven gifts for the customers. So, they are spending a lot of time on reasearch and innovation.

Nitin Jain founder of Indigifts said ” We have a 14,000 sq factory in Jaipur, where we have dedicated 1000 sq for R&D.

In total, Indigifts have 500 SKU’s and till now they have served 20 lakhs customers.

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Seed Rakhi innovation from Indigifts founders

As everyone knows that during Rakhi sisters tie up rakhi for the brothers. So, it is a very auspicious moment between the siblings. 

But in most cases, Rakhi never tends to be for a longer duration. Eventually, it will end up in the trash.

So, here Indigift founders Nitin and Divya Jain came up with the innovative idea.

Where they implanted seed into the Rakhi. So, if any chance it gets misplaced then it will end up growing as a new plant. Otherwise, if the sibling wishes to plant from the Rakhi Seeds as a symbol of growth and prosperity in their relationship. The emotion between the siblings will have positive intent.

Sales and Revenue of Indigifts

The company started in 2017 and made a total lifetime sales of 45 crores. The business is operating on a 75% gross margin.

In the year, 2022-2023 they made 7.4 cores, and in 2023- 2024 they are projecting a 10 crore revenue mark.

The business is profitable and made 7.5% EBITA and 5% net margin in the previous year. Now aiming to make 10% net margins in the ongoing financial year.

Shark Tank India Offer 

Anupam Mittal and Peyush Bansal rejected to offer since the Gifting space is very cluttered and it requires even more capital to make it big.

Then Aman Gupta also did not offer any deal and assured them their company Boat would have business with them in the future.

Then Vineeta Singh and Ritesh Agarwal gave a combined offer of 50 lakhs for 4%.

Finally, Indigifts founders made the deal with Vineeta Singh and Ritesh Agarwal deal.

Queries about Indigifts founders

1) Who is the founder of Indigifts?

Divya Jain and Nitin Jain are the Indigifts founders and started their entrepreneuiral journey from 2017

2) What are the sales of the Company

Indigifts Sales and Revenue

2022-2023 = 7.4 crores

2023-2024= 10 crores(proj)

GM= 75%

Net Margin = 5%

EBITA = 7.5%

SKU’s 500

3) Companies Rating

Indigifts has 3.5 lakh reviews in total on Amazon and Flipkart with a 4.5 star rating.

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