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Astro Talk founder story Puneeth Gupta


Astrology is a term that was most commonly discussed by our parents. But the majority of the people believe in astrology. Many of us think that astrology is created by our ancestors. Even there is much evidence that astrology is true. 

Many of us think that astrology is a low-profile job. Here is a story where a normal guy created an Astrology App and now earning crores of Rupees in a month. 

An Astrology App turned him into a millionaire a such a young age.

So in this blog, we are going to discuss an Astrology App Astrotalk. Also, discuss the Astrotalk app from the story. How did Puneet Gupta founder of Astro talk App got the idea. 

Astro Talk Founder  

Astro top and astrology startup was started in Delhi in 2017. So in this app, anyone can find astrologers from different ranges and can easily talk with them. 

In this app, there are varieties of astrologers. Many of us need to discuss our problems with an astrologer in different matters like marriage, job wealth, health, and many more. 

Now, Astro talk works for more than $150 million. An average Astrotalk app makes a business of around 30 to 40 lacs in a day. Moreover, the company is aiming to onboard over 10,000 by 2022. At present, there are 50 lacs downloads at the Play Store. Astro talk startup made 150 crores of revenue in the year 2021. 

Puneet Gupta is the Astro talk founder. A guy from Delhi comes from a humble background. Also decided to live a happy life with his normal lifestyle. Even is also satisfied with the job around 30k per month. But life had a different Fortune for him. 

Embarrassment made by his girlfriend inspired him to do something big in his life. Astro Talk founder Puneet Gupta had a very inspiring story behind it.

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Astro Talk Founder Story


As already mentioned Puneet Gupta comes from a humble background in Delhi. And he completed his graduation from Punjab Engineering College. As always Puneet Gupta is always a targeted boy right from the start. 

Many of his relatives also picked him due to his performance in Academics. Even there was a constant team motivation from family as well. Because Punit Gupta did not make any good performance in his Academics as well as in his life. 

Then after his graduation is started his career in an investment bank in Mumbai. Puneet Gupta is a guy with miner satisfaction. Because he taught a salary of 30k could get it good life to him. Even he meant it also. 

He was pretty satisfied with his job in finance with his salary. Jivan Puneet Gupta the Hadi love life. Where his partner constantly motivates him to do something in his life. Achieve something big in his life. But Puneet Gupta did not care about it. 

He always enjoyed the company of his partner. Basically, Puneet Gupta’s partner comes from a rich family. So there was a big difference in financially. This made a huge headache for her partner. So she always told Punit Gupta to do something big and become rich in life.

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 The turning point for Puneet Gupta

In everyone’s life, there will be a turning point. Everyone wants to wait. That pretty good moment in life might come anyway from anyone in any situation. You should have the guts to take it. 

So in the same way even in Punit Gupta’s life also there was a turning point. As usual Puneet Gupta started to room with his partner at weekends. With the same constant tone, Puneet Gupta’s partner told him to achieve big. 

Puneet Gupta is always a Jolly person and it did not care about anything. This attitude did not like their partner. Always felt that Puneet Gupta will become a serious person and achieve. But his attitude made her angry. 

While driving on a highway Puneet Gupta, with his partner accidentally drove his vehicle into a pothole. As a result, some water spilled on her partner. This was enough to get fierce against Puneet Gupta. She started yelling at him.

Even she compared him with his father. That she has a Benz car but it did not have a proper bike. These words shattered Puneet Gupta’s faith and trust in her. 

Puneet Gupta’s journey towards entrepreneurship

At this moment Puneet Gupta decided to achieve something big in his life. He was motivated to become a successful person. 

Right from the next day he was assigned to his job. That you talked to do some business with his grandfather. Basically, his grandfather is a very profound ayurvedic pandit. So he taught to start a Startup making his grandfather a business partner. 

But his imagination did not come true. Is hydrolysis never matched up with his grandfather? But this time Punit Gupta did not want to keep silent. Instead, he worked on multiple projects and businesses. But it didn’t work for him. Moreover, all are earnings were about the exhaust. 

Finally Puneet Gupta joint to another investment bank. He started working in the company. But his entrepreneurial spirit did not fade away. Still, money matters a lot. He did not have a single rupee after committing to multiple businesses. 

He was in such a state where he could not afford tiffin. At that time he got a job offer from a Startup for a 17k salary. However, he did accept it. In the morning always used to drink a cup of coffee with more sugar so that he can skip a meal in the afternoon. Even there was such an instance while he took meals at cheap places. 

Astro Talk Idea 

Puneet Gupta’s life continued with constant struggles. But he did not give his spirit. He always wanted to achieve something useful in his life after the extreme embarrassment from her partner. 

So Puneet Gupta decided to give a resignation letter from this company. On the day, he came to the office and his resignation letter was in his hand. Even he shared his news with his colleague too. His colleague was an astrologer. 

His colleague, an astrologer predicted future that he will have a good business life in the IT sector. Then his colleague also predicted that the business will end up within two years due to his co-founder’s fault. 

At that point Punit Gupta mocked her. Then Punit Gupta finally resign from this company. In the future, Puneet Gupta’s fortune was as identical to his colleague’s astrology. Puneet Gupta founded an IT service company with his friend. It was also performing well for 2 years. Then finally the company closed due to the cofounder’s absence. It was a big shock for Puneet Gupta. 

There itself after realizing Asian he calls to his colleague. At this point, Puneet Gupta got the idea to start an astrology App. Where astrology and its users can interact. It was easy for Puneet Gupta to set up per astrology App. Because his previous winter had a software developer, it was a matter of time for him to create an app with the help of a technical team. 

Astro Talk Startup 

In 2017 Puneet Gupta founded an from then Puneet Gupta did not turn back in his life Astro talk startup. He had a way of successful moments in his future. Presently astroturf doing a business of over 40 lakhs per day. 

Astro talk founder Puneet Gupta feast English l challenges while onboarding astrologers. So it was a hectic task for the team to hire astrologers who keep up faith and truth within his words.

An astrology App is a new concept in a Startup ecosystem. So he did not have any blueprint. As a result, if you want to build right from the scratch. 

Now and Astro Talk became a sensation in the country. Where people can interact with the Astrologers. Astro talk founder Puneet Gupta made it all easy. The startup is empowering astrology with the platform.

Astro Talk business model 

Thisplatform gives users the opportunity to Converse with astrologers as they like. Astrotalk founder Puneet Gupta empowered astrologers with a platform. Where the platform Astro talk charges is a small amount of money from the users wilder connect with the astrologers. So this is a simple business model of Astro talk. 

From this business model, Astro talk startup is earning over 40 lacs in a day. Many of the users have different queries about marriages, jobs, education, health, and wealth. So users can easily connect with The right Astrologer. 

 Astro Talk Founder Puneet Gupta made this wonderful astrology App. 

So in this way, a guy from a humble background made a big difference in his life. Now not only does his work make him successful but also empowers a lot of people in the country. 

Therefore how to become successful in life it is very important to stay inspired in the work. Here Puneet Gupta got a million rupees from Astrotalk. So small ideas can change a lot.

At the end of the day, Astro talk founder Puneet Gupta is a big inspiration for all. A small moment or turning point can make anyone take a big decision in life. It is also important to stay motivated while achieving big in life.

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  1. This article delving into the founder story of Puneeth Gupta and Astro Talk on is truly inspiring. Puneeth’s journey from a finance professional to an astrology entrepreneur is a testament to the power of following one’s passion. It’s fascinating to see how technology is being harnessed to provide personalized astrological insights. Thanks for sharing this intriguing entrepreneurial narrative!

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