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Amazon Competitors in India Reliance giving a tough fight


Now the e-commerce is booming at a rapid pace. Even consumers are also transforming to the online ever before. Due to the high trust built on the e-commerce platforms, people are now driving through online shopping.

So, people are now smart enough to know the discounts available on e-commerce platforms. Now, there is huge competition in e-commerce platforms. Every business is now entering the e-commerce sector.

There is a clear indication that there is high voltage competition in the market. Now, Amazon biggest e-commerce platform in the world facing tough competition. Mainly, Amazon is giving a tough fight with Flipkart.

But still, Amazon could not able to surpass its sales against Flipkart. Many factors are encouraging the sales of Flipkart. 

After Flipkart came into the hands of Walmart, then there are making a lot of effective strategies to beat Amazon.

Walmart, by acquiring the majority of sales in Flipkart, planning to take over the e-commerce platform.

So, there is intense competition in the online world. Now there is another new entrant into the market that is Reliance. As of now, Reliance is planning to enter into the online space in-depth.

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Amazon game plan

Amazon and Flipkart war is prevalent in India for a long time. Each e-commerce platform is waiting for the opportunity to win the race.

Now, in 2021 Flipkart’s market share in India is 31.9% and Amazon is slightly behind and at 31.2%.

Each company is almost equally competing with each other. In India, the e-commerce boom started in 2017 after making the internet accessible. Even internet users are also increasing rapidly.

Amazon Strategies

Amazon is king in the e-commerce sector. Now Amazon is the world’s largest e-commerce company in the world.

But in India, it’s struggling to get the top position in the market. Even Amazon is trying to understand the consumer behavior pattern effectively.

 As the company knows the real success of the company is its customers.

So, Amazon launch Amazon prime a new subscription plan in India in 2015. In this subscription model, customers primarily get access to the OTT platforms. 

So, consumers can enjoy new movies, series, and other shows.

Amazon company is trying to hook the customer into its nests. So, now the customers get a lot of discounts on the Amazon platform on the products.

 Besides, it gives one-day delivery for its prime members. Amazon uses its prime membership as bait to catch hold of Indian consumers.

After getting into the prime membership, users will get a lot of amazing discounts frequently. So, a lot of consumers will shop on the platforms after purchasing the prime account.

But still, Amazon is not able to top the table as an e-commerce giant in India. Amazon competitors are giving tough moves to make a setback to the company. Currently, Amazon’s net worth in 2020 is over $400 billion.

Amazon competitors Flipkart


On the other side, Flipkart is leading the race in India. Flipkart company always be ahead and win the race of e-commerce fight.

It is possible by the strategies of the Flipkart company. Amazon cleverly engages the consumers into its platform by prime membership. Here Flipkart is leading with a strategy of Plus membership.

Plus members are those who have a minimum of 200 coins in the Flipkart account. As the coins will be increasing as we continue to purchase products on the platforms.

Even for getting coins, users can play games and earn more coins. So, Flipkart is engaging its customers with the strategy of games and coins.

Eventually, consumers are busy playing games to get more coins and rewards. So, the customer engagement time with the platform increases. As in India, a lot of people love gaming and Flipkart took advantage of it.

strategies of Flipkart

Another great move from Flipkart is giving liberty for students to purchase on the platforms. Where the students have to upload the Id card and then purchase the products with a lot of benefits.

As the companies know now the younger generation urges parents to buy online. Even the younger generation is more knowledgeable than the elder people.

Here children are insisting for their parents to purchase on Flipkart. So, everyone knows Indian families are driven by the younger children’s desires.

Hence, Flipkart gave the key to the students to unlock the parent’s dilemma. From these strategies, Flipkart got huge momentum and helped them to become the market leader in India.

Even Flipkart focuses on Tier 3 and 4 cities in India. Here rural part of India is aware of online shopping very well nowadays. So, there is a huge opportunity to hold on with this part of the country.

Here Flipkart made accessible to its products by improving its connectivity. The company opened its delivery units in the rural sectors. So, the company got the opportunity of serving the rural people as well. So, there is an intense level of Amazon Competitors in India.

In this way, Flipkart is now ruling the Indian e-commerce space in India. Presently, Flipkart’s net worth in 2021 is $36.7 billion or 2.8 lakh crores

Amazon Competitors Reliance


Now there is a new entrant to the amazon competitors list. Here Reliance is all set to enter into the e-commerce sector.

As of now, Reliance is performing well online grocery items as JIO Mart. Even JIO Mart had earned profits of nearly 2000 crores in the first quarter of 2021.

There is a lot of advantages for Reliance to start in the e-commerce sector. Firstly, the brand has a huge user base and also built trust over the years. So, there is a lot of benefits and chances are high to give a good fight with a company like Amazon.

Reliance competition

In India, there are nearly 12,000 micro warehouses across 7000 cities. So, there is a robust connectivity chain and surely makes a huge difference.

If Reliance is stepping into e-commerce as a whole, then there will be no issues with delivery and returns. Because there is a lot of retail stores and clothing shopping centers. 

So, it will be a very easy process to deliver the products to the customer’s doorstep. Another advantage is if any orders are returned then the products can be dropped in nearby Reliance Trends Fashion centers. 

But in a traditional e-commerce platform, the scenario is quite complex. Initially, the delivery boy picks the products then drops them at the warehouse. 

Then the products will be shipped to the sellers. If the sellers are too far, then the process takes a lot of iterative steps to reach the sellers.

Reliance one of the Amazon competitors is having a great chance to lead the e-commerce market. 

Even Reliance is investing the online firms to build a strong chain to build its future e-commerce platforms. Recently, Reliance acquired the majority of stakes in the online medicine delivery company Netmeds.

So, in this manner, there is huge competition in India. Consequently, it will be a threat to Amazon and its revenue.

Therefore, Amazon has to build an even more robust supply chain in India. To survive in the Indian Markets. There is a clear indication that e-commerce market value shoots up to $40 billion by 2030.

Amazon competitors are really trying hard to compete with the giant company.

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