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Sugar Cosmetics Vineeta Singh Biography


An entrepreneurial journey is always an adventure journey. There will lot of ups and downs. Then there will be a lot of challenges in the mission. So, here entrepreneurs’ mindset should be optimistic.

Every startup is solving the problems in society and striving to make a better version. A startup founder’s journey is challenging and it takes both mental and physical strength to build a good company.

Sugar Cosmetics Success

The company Sugar Cosmetic was also built from scratch and is now worth millions of dollars. In the year 2019-20 its revenue was over 100 crores. Then it has over 2500 outlets across 130 Indian cities.

Vineeta Singh and Kaushik Mukherjee are the founders of Sugar Cosmetics. The success of the company is mainly from research. If any products want to hit on top then it should consumer fit.

So, if you make the products that consumer wants then products will sell on their own. Sugar Cosmetics had the majority solves the unfragmented market of beauty and personal care products.

There was a gap between the consumer and the product’s quality and insights. In India, many women are in a dilemma which cosmetics brands suit them. It is because of the lack of awareness.

Indian women are not likely to explore new cosmetics products. Because they are anxious about the side effects of the new cosmetics products.

Even another loophole in the cosmetics and personal care products is the inferior and duplicated quality of the products. Many women stick to one brand and never think the move to the other brands. 

Here Sugar Cosmetics company got all the solutions to the customer. The company never compromises on the quality, so the sugar cosmetics products are ultra-rich in quality.

Then the company always strives to educate the consumers on the products. Here the Vineeta Singh did not have the magic formula of success instantly rather it came from the failure of a previous startup.

Vineeta Singh and her husband Kaushik Mukherjee started a cosmetics company in 2012. Here Duo sold branded cosmetic products. Then they understood the consumer behavior in the Cosmetics industry.

Even many consumers were not happy with the quality of the products. Besides many cosmetics products had side effects.

So, this is the main reason for the rise of Sugar cosmetics Vineeta Singh.

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Rise of Sugar Cosmetics


Finally, after receiving input from customers, Veenita Singh started Sugar cosmetics in 2015. Then, during the initial years, they understood that customers wants to touch and feel the products before purchasing them. 

So, sugar cosmetics were completely online and responded to the customer’s needs. Then Sugar cosmetics went to present in offline stores as well. Now there are over 2500 outlets in India.

Sugar cosmetics products were high in quality with affordable prices. The company growth was tremendous and spread across word of mouth. Even the company did not spend a high amount on advertisements.

So, Sugar Cosmetics products were the key to success for the company. Now the company is worth 3000 crores of valuation.

Sugar Cosmetics Vineeta Singh took the main role to build a Successful Company

Vineeta Singh Sugar Cosmetics

The company’s success will go mainly to the vision and effort of the founder. So, Vinneta Singh is one of the best women entrepreneurs in India.

Vineeta Singh is a Delhi girl born in 1984. She was an ambitious and intelligent girl. As Vineeta did not go anywhere to get inspiration. Fortunately, she got all the inspiration from he father.

Vineeta’s Father Tej Singh was a Scientist working on the mission to discover Protein(medicine) for cancer. Then Vineeta got inspired by her father’s hard work and passion for his work.

So, she got a role model for her life. Then Vineet always went on to achieve the great milestone in her life. She hight an intelligent student and got a gold medal in 2007 in Delhi Public school.

In her life, Vineeta always went one step ahead and secured a seat in IIT Madra. Vineeta Singh was studious, not only in their studies, she was excel in other sports as well.

She won the Silver medal in badminton at IIT Madras. Then she always gave importance to passion. Later, her passion took her to the greatest height of her life.

But it was not easy for her to reach there, instead, there were a lot of tough decisions and challenging moves were taken down the lane.

Vineeta Singh passion

Subsequently, Vineet went to join IIM Ahmedabad for her banking. There too she got excellence because of her talent.

Then in the final year, she got a job offer worth 1 crore. But Vineet Singh did not take the offer. Instead, she wanted to do something else in her life. 

It was hard to convince her parents in regards o job rejection. Vineeta always gave importance to her passion. Even she only wants to work where her passion lies.

In 2007, Vineeta Singh started a service company. As you know, women entrepreneurs find it difficult to raise investment. However, with all the odds and struggle she builds a company that hires and trains candidates.

Here, she was hardly earning 10 thousand per month. But Vineet did not attract to the money instead she indulged in her work. To build this company she came to Mumbai.

However, the company revenue went on growing year on year. Even the company’s turnover reached over 4cr. But Vineet did not get any kind of extra love for her work. Even she understood the business was not easily scalable.

Vineeta was a bold woman and took some challenging decisions in her life. Finally, Vineeta Singh started a new company called Fab India a cosmetics company(B2C).

Later, got to know all the pain points of the customers. Even understood the pathetic situation of the industry. So, In 2015 She started Sugar cosmetics.

Sugar Cosmetics Fundings

India’s beauty products expert, sugar cosmetics has raised 50 million dollars in a Series D round. In this round investors like A91 partners, Elevation capital, and India quotient. 

Asia fund of L Catterton was the major investor in the seriously round. From this round of funding sugar cosmetics valuation in 2022 jumps up to $500 million. 

Earlier sugar cosmetics, god findings of $21 million in its series C round. As of 2022, sugar cosmetics is one of the leading and tender in the beauty product space. At present, there are 40,000 sugar cosmetics retail stores in India. Even sugar cosmetics products are available on Amazon, Flipkart, and Nykaa.

Vineeta Singh Family 

Vinita Singh founder of sugar cosmetics and got a lot of inspiration from her family. Her father Tej Singh was one of their greatest inspirations for her. 

Because Vineeta Singh’s father Tej Singh was a passionate and hard worker. Her father always motivates her to be the best in the world. Because her father had a tough life career. 

Vineeta Singh’s father lost his parents at a very young age. So her father Tej Singh struggled under the poverty line. Tej Singh however came out of the poverty line with his education. He did his education at Allahabad University. Also did his Ph.D. in IISC. 

Now Vinita Singh’s father is passionate about protein structure. Over her father, Tej Singh achieved the goal to become the highest protein structure, maker. This is the result of 40 years of hard work. And at the age of 70, accomplished his goal. 

In this way, Vineeta Singh got constant motivation from her father. Both his mother and father for Ph.D. holders. She is the only child of her parents.

Vineeta Singh Childhood 

Vinita Singh was born in Karamsaht Ghar, a small town in Gujarat. Normally babies take 9 months to stay in their mother’s womb. But in the case of Vineeta Singh, she came pretty early for just 7 months. 

So, as a baby of 7 months, she was kept in ICU for one month. She hardly waits for 1.2Kg. By then Vineeta Singh for Tally in our life. The route of building sugar cosmetics by Vinita Singh was also adventurous. 

She was born in Gujarat, Bhavnagar. She spends a lot of time with her Granny. Because her father got a job at AIIMS, Delhi. So her parents went to Delhi. Meanwhile, Vinita Singh spent a lot of her childhood with her grandmother. 

Her grandmother was a delicious cook. Vinita Singh praises are grandmother’s talent for cooking. But now, Vineeta Singh being a founder of sugar cosmetics worth 4000 Crores, still, regret her cooking skills. 

Vinita Singh doesn’t know the art of cooking. So it takes a lot of time how to make a sandwich for her children.

Vineeta Singh Schooling 

Spent of childhood in Bhavnagar Nagar Gujarat with her grandmother. Then she went to Delhi to stay with her parents. There she did her High School in Delhi Public School RK Puram. 

Always used to be a bright student in her school. Delhi Public School was a very famous School in Delhi. On the 11th and 12th, 1000 students and Vineeta Singh was the topper of the Batch. 

Vinita Singh sugar cosmetics founder did not have any idea about her goals. It was clear that should not want to pursue MBBS. However, she knew about the lifestyle of doctors. Because she was so close to AIIMS and her father was working at AIIMS. 

Vineeta realized that being a doctor takes so much of learning. Even at the age of 30 as well, there is a need to learn to pursue a good path in medicine. 

So Vineeta Singh wanted to become an engineer. Her parents to motivated her to join IIT. eventually, Vineeta e started preparing for joining IIT.

Her parents were pretty strict. She had a lot of restrictions and also could not step out of the house after 9:00 PM. So Vinita Singh wanted that freedom and thought to join IIT college far from her city. 

Then she will get a chance to stay in a hostel. Eventually, her freedom will back to her. From this kind of motivation, Vineeta Singh started to prepare for JEE. Finally, she got to IIT Delhi. But she rejected it because it was so near to her home. So she cannot able to join the hostel. 

At IIT Delhi, she got mechanical engineering. But Vineeta Singh convinced her parents that she liked Electrical engineering. Because she did not want it daily. Then she finally join IIT Madras taking electrical engineering. 

Even in IIT Madras, she explored a lot of things. She was good at badminton. And also won many medals for her college. And she had a great interest in marathons. 

Then after finishing Engineering at IIT Delhi. Then she joins IIM Ahmedabad for MBA.

  Sugar Cosmetics meaning

Vinita Singh always wanted to keep a simple and recognizable name. So it is easy to Remember. Then she related that sugar is more relatable for women. Evil most women love Sugar(sweets). Even Sugar is also relatable to calories and other weight loss. 

So women are so conscious of their beauty and fitness. So Vineeta Singh of sugar acid brand name. 

In this way, Vineet Singh sugar cosmetics have become a big brand in India.

Sugar cosmetics Business strategy 

Vinita Singh before starting sugar cosmetics was running a business called Fab Bab. It is subscription-based where the women will get beauty products. 

In this business, Vineeta interacted with a lot of women. To know what are the needs of modern women. She witnessed that women wanted more choices in beauty products. But in the Indian market, there were only a fever amount of choices. 

Evil women purchasing power is also increasing at a quick pace. So Vineeta Singh came to know about the power of women’s products. Even she came to know that women Wanted long-lasting beauty products. 

Now women are making up big companies and handling big responsibilities. So women need to look beautiful and they wanted to to go with the best beauty products. 

But in the Indian market, there are fever beauty products which had the long-lasting capability. 

In this way, Vineeta Singh came to know all about women’s requirements. Then She implied Sugar Cosmetics.

In sugar cosmetics, all the beauty products had the long-lasting capability. Especially sugar cosmetics lipsticks can even be long lost over 8 hours. Another game-changer for sugar cosmetics was it had varieties of beauty products. 

All beauty products come in different and unique ranges of colors. All sugar cosmetic products suit Indian women’s color tone. Now Indian women are obsessed with Sugar Cosmetics products.


Sugar Cosmetics Vineeta Singh was one of the best women entrepreneurs in India. Even now she is the judge of Share Tank India on Sony Channel.

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