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Facebook Metaverse is virtual Reality: Mark Zuckerberg


Internet is changing humans’ lives tremendously. Now, the internet is part of our lives. Every work is via online in a fast and efficient manner.

In this 21st century internet is a lifeline for many businesses. With exposure to the online world, businesses are soaring in sales. Even brand visibility is surging in an unprecedented manner.

Even people are also obsessed with the internet. Now everyone gets connected online. So, there is no need to travel from one place to other to meet close ones. Instead, one can easily communicate via video calls, chats, and social media with the help of the internet.

As all of you know that social media giant Facebook had a large userbase. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg became a billionaire with the power of the app. Nearly, 2.89 billion people are using Facebook.

Facebook has always interconnected people with its unique feature. On Facebook, anyone can make friends and socialize with them. Then it had created a new internet revolution in earlies 2010 and still creating new opportunities.

Now, Facebook is going to bring a virtual world in front of us. It is facebook Metaverse it is leveraging AR and VR tecnology.

In this blog, one can get valuable insights like

  1. What is Metaverse
  2. Why Facebook rebranded to Meta
  3. Application of Metaverse

Facebook Metaverse


 Facebook created one of the iconic moments in their journey. As of October 28, 2021, Facebook had rebranded or changed its name to Meta.

It also proposes its future aim to create Web 3.0. As it means, Facebook Metaverse is creating the virtual world. With the help of VR glasses, one can easily get access to the world,

Still, the development is in process and claims that the Metaverse, the virtual world will be in use with the next 5 years.

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What is Metaverse

Metaverse is a virtual world where people can connect with each other via VR glasses. Meta means beyond and verse means universe.

So, here Metaverse is trying to embrace a newer world beyond the internet. Even it will be the beginning of Web 3.0. 

Then it is going to bring newer lifestyle to the people. In simple words, Metaverse will be the platform where people can get connected virtually with the help of VR glasses and the internet.

Here, Metaverse itself is the unrealistic world. It will be similar to the normal world, where people can make parties, meet, buy assets or properties, avail themselves of services, and many more.

Why Facebook rebranded as Meta: Facebook Metaverse

In the next five years, Facebook will not be a normal social media platform. Instead, it will be the next supergiant of technology.

As always Facebook tries to connect people in different ways. In fact, Facebook’s ultimate goal is to connect, socialize, and build a livelihood for the people.

Everyone knows Facebook builds large communities and tries to capture platforms having huge potential. Facebook acquired Instagram for $ 1 Billion in 2012. 

Instagram was social media where it promises to deliver the best quality of photos to the users in its platform with its best filters.

In 2014, Facebook made another remarkable deal. Facebook made an iconic acquisition of Whatsapp for a massive $19 billion. One of the most valuable acquisitions in the startup world.

So, Instagram and whatsapp are under the Facebook company. But now all its subsidiaries are under Meta.

Meta will be going to change the world and lifestyle of each individual. Virtual Reality will be the future of technology in the world.

Facebook Metaverse will be the first company are attempting to capture the market.

Application of Metaverse


It’s a known fact that time is precious. But most of the time our time gets wasted traveling and with horrific traffic jams.

Nowadays, people don’t have time to waste and looking forward to being productive. So, now Facebook Metaverse will change the life we live.

Metaverse Virtual World

With the help of Metaverse, people can travel all over the world by sitting in their homes. Even they can attend parties, concerts, sports events virtually using VR glasses.

This is the ultimate power of Facebook Metaverse. It going to be the virtual world in near future. People can talk, walk, and can do all the activities in the virtual world. As all of them will be given a specific identity as same as the Facebook account.

So, with the help of technology, people can get space to live in virtual world. Ultimately, Metaverse will be a new world for people to hang on to.

Metaverse homes and other

Not only do people get access with the virtual world Meta. In addition, users can also purchase expensive homes for virtual stays. So, they can invite friends and make a party virtually.

Metaverse is going to be highly interactive and realistic. Each individual is given unique or similar avatars( virtual bodies). Where all the reactions are transmitted in real-time.

So, it going to be an exciting journey in the Metaverse. All the assets in the virtual world are as realistic as in the real universe.

Gaming Industry

After the Metaverse technology boom Gaming will be more fun and thrilling. Now, many people are obsessed with playing games on their phones, tablets, computers, PlayStations, and laptops.

With the help of Metaverse, gamers can perceive the feel of playing the real game. Then games can easily get into the battlefield and shoot the enemies virtually. 

Consequently, the gaming industry is going to leverage Metaverse, VR or AR are the primary shift of technology.

So, there will be a new and more engaging gaming platform.

Use of Bitcoin in Facebook Metaverse

In Facebook Metaverse, users can buy properties like houses, land, villas, and other services. All the transactions are going to be in the form of Cryptocurrency.

With the use of blockchain technology, all the financial deals will be easy.

In this way, Metaverse is going to bring a new revolution to the world. With technology like AI, ML, VR, AR is going to be the key and new beginning to the virtual world.

Then onwards, people can work at their home and get connected to the virtual office at their comfort. The meeting will be in virtual form.

Ultimately, Facebook Metaverse is going to bring storm with the virtual world. 

In this way, questions like

  1. What is Metaverse
  2. Why Facebook rebranded to Meta
  3. Application of Metaverse

hope you understood most simply.

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