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Failed Startup In India


is a startup where it mainly aimed at delivering items from point A to point B where it saves the time of the customers and made it easier for the customers or otherwise it would be a hassle for them as they required to go back home to bring the particular item and on top of that they have leave the work what they supposed to do , in this busy routine no one is free . So Russh made it possible to deliver the items according to the need of the consumer. As it couldn’t not able to sustain and quite. Failed startup in India

reasons : could able to compete with a big company like Dunzo and lack of fundings

doodhwala : Failed startup in India

is a hyperloop subscription-based startup as it delivers milk, groceries, and othe items to the customer’s doorstep . It had expanded its business in Bangalore,Hyderbad and pune . It’s main product was dairy products and provide good quality and unadulterated milk to the customers. But after some circumstances, it had made a statement that it would continue its operation with Freshtohome company.Finally it shutdown its operation

reaons: lack of fundings

tapzo is the platform where you can do everything like you can order food and booking cabs and also one can also book tickets. Another interesting feature was it had integrated so many apps in it like swiggy,ola ,zomato, tatasky,freecharge,uber,airtel,nearbuy and many more . It even solved the storage issues in phones as it integrated so many services. As you can think platforms like this need lot of money so as to give attractive offers to its customers.

reasons : lack of fundings and it is acquired by amazon

justbuy : Failed Startup in India

startup mainly focuses to help small store owners as it provides a platform where you can buy products directly from the factory and it would save a lot of money as it would be wasted by giving commission to the middle man. It had helped so many small merchants and made them to make much profit but it finally shut down its operation in 2018. Even this is failed startup in india.

reason: the bussiness model couldn’t able to make much profit and it became difficult to scale.

auto raja is the platform where you can book auto through online. Where this startup solved lot of problems of customers as if not it would be very tedious for the customers to go in search of autorickshaw and that too it is not confirmed that rickshaw driver would come to your destination. Autoraja saved people time and money. It is a failed startup in india

but it finally shut down its operation in 2016.

reason: lack of fundings and instability in the business model and a lot of competitions

smaash : Failed startup in India

is a platform where people can go play games and even they can even make a party in their party halls. It had expanded nearly in 40 cities. But it was a bad time for the company due to pandemics, people couldn’t able go to their platform and finally, the company shut down its operation in 2020. There are some of the failed startup in india

reason: lack of cash flow and fundings.

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