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Infosys Narayana Murthy in Bengaluru Summit 2023


Infosys founder Narayana Murthy recently spoke about India’s growth in Bengaluru Summit 2023. Even the co-host of the summit was Zerodha co-founder Nikhil Kamath.

Murthy’s on Youngsters

Narayana Murthy expressed his disappointment on the dedication of India’s youth towards their work. Murthy believes that a country will become highly successful only if the people work hard.

There is a strong correlation between employee performance and the growth of the country. Yes, employees represent their company. So, an individual performance directly impacts business growth.

As a result, if employees start working hard then eventually company gets good recognition from their clients.

Then the client will be more happy to continue their relationship with the respective company. It will be good for the company’s revenue and also for the country as well. Eventually, reputation will be multifold.

But Narayana Murthy often witnesses that India’s youths are not very dedicated to their work. He also said that he would see employees coming to the office at 11 AM and packing their stuff back at 5 PM. He quotes ” This what I see in electronic city “

Even Narayana Murthy advises that employees should work 3 shifts instead of one.

Learn from China

Now China is our prime enemy on the political and military level. However, it is unimaginable about the growth of China in the last few decades. As Infosys Narayana Murthy told our Indian government should learn from China’s growth.

He believes that China and India’s landscapes are almost similar. Both countries have high populations and geography. But the other country had prospered with a $19 trillion economy and India is just hitting the milestone of $3 trillion.

So, Murthy advises the Indian government to seek help from China about the growth of the economy. However, Murthy knew that the relationship between China and India was at its worst. But still, from a growth perspective, it is wise to seek advice.

My father Advice


Infosys Narayana Murthy in Bengaluru Summit 2023 stage, shares his life story as well. He said that their parents were not highly educated. His father was a countryman who used to work hard all day long and his mother was a housemaker.

His mother used to spend all day long in the kitchen and his father used to work all day long. So, Narayana Murthy said that there was no family time for us except at dinner time.

During dinner, we used to sit together and chat about chores. So, one day Narayan’s father advised him that the only way to come out of poverty was 

  1. A little bit of smartness
  2. Lots of Hard Work
  3. Enduring Value System

Now, Murthy is proud that his father’s advice changed his life forever. Then he said that their family was poor in finances but very rich in their value system.

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Narayana Murthy Family time

Infosys Narayana Murthy in Bengaluru Summit 2023 shares his personal stories. When co-host Nikhil Kamath questioned Murthy about their children’s upbringing method.

As Narayana Murthy dedicates their children’s success entirely to his wife Sudha Murthy. Because of his busy business lifestyle, Narayana Murthy could not give much time to his family. 

So, it was his wife Sudha who had taken care of their kids and molded them with high values.

Narayana Murthy on Tax

Infosys Narayan Murthy said that any country’s overall development depends on tax collection. Also, he expressed his willingness to contribute towards higher taxation in the future.

On the other side, the whole country’s people are against the hefty tax. But Narayana Murthy believes that the TAX amount will be utilized for the development of underprivileged people’s lives.

Narayana Murthy is happy to contribute to the taxation in the country. So, he is fine about the taxation system in India.

So these were some of the hight chattered topics by Infosys Narayana Murthy in Bengaluru Summit 2023 stage.

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