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Kunal Shah startup advice for the youths


Kunal Shah is famous and genius entrepreneur of India. He builds successful startups in India. Then he is a great inspiration for the youths. Every youth needs Kunal Shah startup advice to build a successful company.

Even he is a creative and futuristic human being. His startups till now bought a great impact on society. Always he comes out with unique ideas and builds a new ecosystem.

An entrepreneur Kunal Shah thinks of way beyond others. Till now Kunal shah Startups are being praised by all.

Kunal Shah Startup FreeCharge

Freecharge is an online mobile recharging platform. Where users can easily recharge their phones instantly. Besides DTH, Prepaid, Postpaid, and Utility bill payments can be accomplished from the platform.

Kunal Shah and Sandeep Tandon are the founders of the Freecharge. Moreover, it benefits people with instant recharge from their comforts zone. Always Kunal Shah thinks futuristic way and brings solution from innovation a platform.

The startup Freecharge was found in 2010 in India. It is Gurugram based startup. The platforms were so sure about the upcoming digital era.

 In 2010, the rate of internet users and also internet speed was slow. Moreover. it’s still a 2G era. But the Freecharger founder Kunal Shah was confident and believe that the future is going to be fully digital.

Freecharge startup was a successful company. Every user was the delight of being recharging their phone instantly without any hassle. 

Besides, there was a growing demand for online mobile recharge platforms.

So, in 2015 Snapdeal acquired Freecharge. It was the second-biggest acquisition of Indian e-commerce. The acquisition was about $400 million.

To start a successful startup Kunal Shah startup advice is a must for the youths.

Kunal Shah Startup advice From Cred


CRED is a creative and unique startup. This platform rewards for paying credit card bills. So, the user gets CRED coins and can redeem them to buy products.

The startup rewards its loyal customers. Kunal Shah startups are always a way huge and unique from others. Even CRED solves people from paying exorbitant penalties for late payments.

CRED was founded in 2018 by Kunal Shah. It is the second startup after the Freecharge acquisition. 

Kunal Shah’s perspective towards consumers is excellent. He is the master in recognizing the problems of humans. Because he was successful in findings credit card holders’ problems.

Their forgetfulness and neglect toward paying the bill on time make the problem significant. So, Kunal Shah creates a platform where frequent notification makes users pay the credit card bill on time. After paying, users get rewards in the form of CRED coins. Even the startup CRED reaches unicorn status within 2 years.

Kunal Shah startup hit two birds with a single stone. His approach towards the startup is incredible. He thinks about the future seriously and accordingly, builds the ecosystem.

Credit card users raise significantly in the next decades. Because the cost of living and couple working habits also increases. So, there will more chances to seek credit cards in the future.

So, Kunal Shah brilliantly set up his startup CRED. Ultimately, Kunal Shah startup advice to the youths must be mandatory. Then, budding entrepreneurs find ways to solve the problem. Finally, come out with a successful business model.

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Kunal Shah’s education Ideologies

Kunal is one of the successful entrepreneurs of India. He is a man with epic knowledge and intellect.

He always believed knowledge is the weapon for build a bright future. From his childhood, he kept on experimenting with new things. 

During the financial crisis in his family, Kunal Shah did many odd jobs. Like he sold CDs and also worked in a cyber center. Besides, Kunal was taking tuition for the students.

Kunal Shah is a dropout of MBA. He believed that implementing the knowledge one gained is very vital. Rather than keep on mugging and writing examination. 

He was very good at presentations and also Viva. But he could not able write long answers and score some good marks. Instead, he was focusing on the opportunities to build new business. He hated memorizing and writing exams.

Kunal Shah can easily seek immense knowledge but he can’t mug up the kinds of stuff. 

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Even Kunal complained about the education system of India. Because Indian education is not practical oriented. Instead, it is Hungama of theories and mugging up.

Many students are now experiencing a horrible situation in finding jobs. Because they are too weak in practical and also lack of awareness of present trends.

Ideas to Build good business

Many people struggle to plan good business ideas. Even some people spend their entire life in search of profitable ideas. 

But Kunal Shah businesses have their uniqueness and good business in them. So, Kunal Shah’s startup advice is very vital to implement for budding entrepreneurs.

Indian entrepreneur, Kunal Shahs believes that to build successful businesses it is essential to find out the problems of the people. Thus, you have put your legs into the common man shoe and figure out the existing problems. 

If you can identify the pain points of the common people then you can build successful businesses. The existing problems should have a certain amount of impact on society.  This is the first piece of advice from Kunal Shah.

Even there are two types of transactions in a business. They are

  1. Boring transactions
  2. Interesting transaction

Boring transactions 

This type of transaction has involved the type of business where people are hesitant to do. But still, it is very essential.

For example, fueling up your car, purchasing groceries for home, paying your bills, and many more. 

In this type of transaction, people always look to save money. Like we will always go to the fuel station where the fuel price is comparatively low.

Here people are more likely to go save money and time both.

Interesting Transaction is the second type of transaction. Here people are actively engaged in the transaction. Even people are ready to pay more for the products.

Examples of Interesting transactions are purchasing clothes, shoes, and other commodities. People here are ready to pay more and also spend more time on it.

If the products are liked by someone. Then the probability of buying is high. Even he spends more time collecting more information on it. So, this type of transaction creates high cash flows.

These are Kunal Shah’s ideologies towards building a successful business. His startup CRED is built on boring transactions. 

It is the platform users can pay the credit card bill and win CRED coins. Then they can redeem the coins to purchase products on the platform. 

Kunal Shah understood the pain point of the credit cardholders. Also analyzed the possible solution and then came out with incredible idea CRED.

Kunal Shah on India

He believes that India will be a rich and prosperous country if its per capita income increases. Means everyone has to work and contribute to the country.

In India, only 6% of urban women are working in companies. It is very low for a country like India. Then the rural women’s conditions are still be deteriorating. 

But in China, 96% percent are working and they are way ahead of India. In China, there is no gender discrimination and social Bias. Even 68% of Bangladesh women are involving in the labor sector and also keep on growing steadily.

Even Kunal Shah believes that Indian agriculture should incorporate the latest technologies. Agriculture sectors should be benefited and many Schemes should be taken by the Indian Government.

Besides, 68% of per capita income depends directly on agriculture. So, it is important to bring revolutionary policies for the development and automation in the sectors.

In this way, Kunal Shah has valuable insights to build a great nation and business. So, in this blog, we tried to bring and enlighten the ideas of Kunal Shah. Ultimately, Kunal Shah’s startup advice is helpful to build great businesses in India.

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