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Mcdonalds story – largest food chain-history and business model


McDonalds story – largest food chain

Mcdonald’s is one of the second largest fast-food companies founded in 1940 by Richard and Maurice McDonald.Companies headquarters is in Chicago.

This company is expanded in almost in every country and it is well known for its hamburgers.

Mcdonalds has created a monopoly in the fast-food sector because of its tasty and healthy foods, beverages, and speedy food order deliveries. Always focus on consumer satisfaction and feedbacks. This company recorded a net income of US$6 billion(2019).

How McDonalds become rich company

mcdonalds-company -strategies

Part palyed by Ray kroc

Mcdonald’s always focuses on consumer behavior. Always keen to provide speedy services to its consumers. The company always provided quality and value for money kind of food. One can easily fill his tummy within hundred rupees(less than one dollar).

Mcdonald has been successful because of Ray Kroc he is one who expanded the company all over the US and made a lot of efforts to get the same quality of food in all the restaurants and make to get the same taste so that Mcdonals maintain its standards.

Mcdonald’s always customizes its menu. It won’t mess by keeping all the items instead it keeps fewer items that would be sold quickly and have high demand from the customer.

Mcdonalds Business model


McDonald’s follows the franchise business model. Initially, when the company started and expanded it, did not notice any significant amount of profit because it has to pay the rent to place heavily.

So to tackle this problem they started purchasing the land and then opened its restaurants which would reduce its loss.

Then they tied up with the franchises. Those who are willing to start the Mcdonalds restaurant should pay some share out of its revenue generated.

This model fueled up their income and witnessed significant growth. Their outlets also started to expand very quickly in all other countries

This successful model gains them37,855 restaurants worldwide and provides service to 120 countries and serves 68 million customers per day and employing 1.9 million.

 Fast services



In Mcdonald’s, no one will wait for their food and they get almost instantly within a minute or two. It’s because of the employee’s skills. Mcdonals train every worker with its unique way of teaching.

Mcdonalds prioritized only one specific work for a specific worker. If one is supposed to bake the bun he has to only do that and masters it.

Mcdonald’s has its institution called Hamburger University in Chicago(US).

Mcdonalds introduced the concept of a drive-thru. Where a consumer gets the food from Mcdonald’s even without stepping out of their car.

If the consumer orders the food at one end of the restaurant and when he drives and gets to the other end he would get his ordered food almost instantly.

 Healthy food culture


Mcdonalds focuses on healthy food culture, on providing low-calorie and low-fat food. So that it ensures to provide a healthy food behavior to its trusted customers.

They removed harmful high fructose content from burgers and preservatives from chicken. They avoided adding artificial flavors, color and preservatives.

Mcdonalds business strategies



McDonald’s try to get attention from children and youngsters.

Mcdonald’s introduced the concept of called happy meal where a meal will be served with gifted toys to the children. In this way, it attracted children and ensures the children will the next time for the sake of toys.

McDonald’s provides its service at an affordable price. The menu card will be also light weighed (based on price).

When you buy a burger from Mcdonald’s their employ always try to urges and suggest to buy another item like ” would you like to have cola(soft drinks) with fries”.

This technique helps them to make a higher profit and shows employees’ tactics.

Mcdonald’s provides varieties of burgers and other items based on the regional people’s likings and from their local taste.

Burger taste won’t be identical in every state they modify slightly according to the locals. So people get their desired taste.

Mcdonald continues to empower its company with lot more strategies and creates a trademark in the food chain industry. To be a successful company one has to think uniquely and always focusses on consumers’ requirements.



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