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Rodbez Founder At Shark Tank Made a Successful Pitch


Shark Tank India Season 3 takes off with brilliant startup pitches. Rodez startup is one among them. It is the story of a humble man who started a 350 rupees salary to build a cab ride-hailing startup in Bihar.

Rodez founder Dilkush Kumar had done a lot and with his perseverance built a successful ride-hailing business.

Rodbez Startup : Shark Tank India S3

Rodbez is a cab ride-hailing service. It is like just the OLA and Uber model but it specifically focuses on Bihar.

Still, Bihar is covered with a lot of rural backdrops. So, still, there is no good transport system. But now Rodbez is solving specifically for Bihar. Now any person from Bihar can use cabs by using Rodbez. 

Rodbez started in July 2022, and now it has completed more than 10k rides. This startup has partnered with 20 taxis and ensured that drivers can earn 45,000 per month.

Now Bhiarians are saving more than 2000 rupees by using Rodbez cabs. Yes, Rodbez is connecting drives and riders as per the requirements. So, even cab drivers are also earning 10k to 20k more than average.

Rodbez App has features like One Way and Taxi Pool which eventually saves 40% and 60% of customers money respectively.

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Rodbez founder

Dilkush Kumar and Siddharth Shakar Jha are the founders of Rodbez. But Dilkust is the main person behind the company. His story has lots of pain, struggle, and determination.

Since he is from Saharsa, Bihar due to his rural background he got married at the age of 16. So, he had a lot of responsibility at a very young age. Then after completing his education, he started searching for jobs. In one of the interviews, he could not answer a simple question. So, the superior had just burnt off his all certificates in front of him.

At this point, Dilkush Kumar was at his lowest of time. But he did give up. However, his father was a bus driver. So, he went straight up to his father and asked him to teach driving.

Later, Dilkush Kumar started his career as a driver with 350 rupees of salary. But he never settled in the job. Every time he used to jugaads to get better opportunities.

Then he made a transition to different jobs like electrical, fire department, and construction. Finally, he witnessed the problem of the commute of his people.

In 2016 he started thinking about the business model. Then he noticed that Ola and Uber were functioning in the cities and they never touched a rural part of Bihar.

So, Dilkush Kumar started building a team for the new cab-hailing company. By 2020, he was successful in building the team, and in 2021 he started a new cab-hailing company. 

His new cab-hailing business was making more than 80 lakhs of revenue per month. Out of which he used to take a commission of 6 to 8 lakhs. However, his inexperience in business made him sell 60% of his company to get 20 lakhs of investment.

When he realized his mistake, it was too late. So, he quit there and now wanted to start the same by having full control. Now, Dilkush Kumar is in Shark Tank India Season 3 to get investment in his startup Rodbez.

Shark Tank India with Rodbez founder


Shark Tank India, judges were impressed with Rodbez’s founder story. But Anumpam Mittal early investor of Ola, knows the reality of Cab business. So, he backs off by saying it is a capital-intensive model.

However, Ritesh Agarwal and Vineeta Singh made their offer as follows

20L for 5% of the company with 30L of debt at 12% of interest.

Rodbez founder knew he wanted to build something big and wanted some highly influential people on his side. So, he accepted the offer without having any thoughts. 

Rodbez Revenue

Rodbez started in July 2022 with a team of 19. As of August Rodbez Cabs in total made the business of 60 lakhs to 70 lakhs. Out of which the business got 6 lakhs as commission.

Even Rodbez has only 4 lakhs in the bank. Even Rodbez founder said he had to sell his stakes if he did not get any investment from Shark Tank India.

Question-Related to Rodbez founder

1) Where Do Rodbez cabs are available

Rodebes cabs are specifically available in Bihar. Since Rodbez wants to solve the transportation problem, especially in Bihar

2) How much is the Rodbez Valuation?

As Rodbez started in July 2022, then the startup had raised 46 lakhs at a valuation in 2022 and now in Shark Tank India got a valuation of 10 crores.

3) How many rides do Rodbez cabs complete in a day?

According to the Rodbez founder Dilkush Kumar, on average, it gets 100 to 200 rides per day and it can attend 80 to 85 rides due to low cabs.

4) How much is the Rodbez founder’s salary?

As Dilkush Kumar started his career as a bus driver, he got 350 as a salary. But now we don’t have the right information regarding the salary. However, he owns 80% of Rodbez with a valuation of 5 crore.

5) How many cabs does Rodbez have?

According to the Shark Tank India Season 3 episode, it has 20 taxis and have 19 employees.

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