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Top 10 startups in India 2021


Till the early 2000s, startups are only relevant to western countries. Besides, India did not cater to and assist startups most convenient manner.

But after the internet penetration and increasing usage of mobile users have drastically changed the startup’s ecosystem.

Subsequently, a lot of startups started to booming in India from 2010 onwards. Due to tremendous growth and massive impact on society now there are 52 unicorns in India.  

Even the government of India also providing its best policy to fuel the growth of startups. Here are some of the top 10 startups in India 2021 which made the trademark in India.



Byjus is a digital learning platform. This platform has changed the way of learning. Moreover, this ed-tech startup assists students to fall in love with their studies.

Their appealing animated content videos have made students of in-depth understanding of the concept. Presently, the platform has 100 million users.

Raveendran Byjus and Divya Gokulnath are the founders of Byjus. The company was a founder way back in 2011. 

Raveendran had an excellent knowledge of mathematics. During weekends, he used to help his friend in solving CAT examinations. Even he has cleared CAT twice. This immense talent made him take seminars on mathematics in auditorium halls. Also, started a small coaching class in his hometown.

Eventually, with the support of his family and friends, he started his own venture Byjus in 2011. Now, this ed-tech startup has grown massively and it is the most valuable startup in India with a valuation of $16.5 billion.

Now Byjus has spread its footprints across other countries like the US, UK, Indonesia, and others.

Byjus also acquiring the companies like gameplay. Recently, it acquired Akash Educational Services for over $1 billion. Toppr, Great Learning, Whithat Jr, Epic, Osma are the latest acquisition of the company.

Now, Byjus has created a monopoly in India. This was able to create this huge success by its unique and transforming technology.


Now, the physical exchange of currency is not a common practice anymore. This revolutionary change was bought by a fintech company called Paytm. 

Vijay Shekar Sharma is the founder of Paym. He laid the foundation for the company in 2010 under his parent company One97 Communications.

Vijay was an ordinary kid coming from the small town of Aligarh, Uttarpradesh. After completing his12th class he joined Delhi University of engineering. Where he strived harder to learn English and started his own venture One 97 communication in 2000.

Rest was the history. Paytm game-changing moment occurred in 2016 after surprising currency bans in India under the leadership of Narendra Modi.

Now, the company expanding its services from paying the current bill to one can easily buy digital gold online. The company also started its digital payments bank services.

Now the company has an investment of world powerful companies and leaders. Like Jack Ma, Warren Buffet, soft Bank, and SAIF Partners.

Paytm is the 2nd most valuable startup in India with a valuation of $16 billion. Moreover, it is also preparing for its highest IPO ever of 21,000 crores this year.

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Every startup’s success solely depends on the founder’s vision and hard work. This true statement is applicable for Ritesh Agarwal who build the world’s third-largest hotel chain.

Ritesh Agarwal is the youngest entrepreneur to the billionaire in his early 20s. He found underserved and fragmented hotels in the industry very closely. Then he found Oracle an online hotel booking company. But he soon realizes he couldn’t able impact on a large scale.

Then he founded OYO in 2013 where its motto was to provide the best living space for affordable prices. The company made tie-ups and lease the many small hotels and transformed the hospitality to not less than any five-star hotel.

From then the company had never look back. It is under the top 10 startups in India due to its enormous change in the hospitality industry.

Currently, the company facing a huge setback due to the outbreak of the Corona pandemic. But the company is fully confident in bouncing back in the future. OYO’s current valuation is over $9 billion.

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It will be very surprising to know Dmart as a startup. Many of them are not aware of the success story of Dmart.

Radhakishan Damani was an investor turned entrepreneur. He is one of the successful investors in the Bombay Stock Exchange. Even he is also regarded as “Warren Buffet of India”.

After visiting the US and being inspired by the success of the Walmart Retail chain, back then he also started his own company Dmart in 2002. 

Initially, the business was started in a single BHK apartment in Mumbai. But now the company spread across India with more than 200 outlets.

It is one of the successful companies which never incurred any losses till now. The company market value is 40,000 crores.



Every small start will emerge out as a significant outcome in the future. Even Zomato also started as an online restaurant menu listing website. But now it is one of the largest food delivery aggregators in India.

In 2008, Deepindar Goyal and Pankaj Chaddah had launched an online food ordering company. With the initial investment of Info Edge head, Sanjeev Bikchandani. The company had grown massively and had a positive impact on society.

Zomato runs on an order per commission basis. Presently, the company spread its presence across the countries like US, UAE, Sri Lanka, South Africa, and others.

Recently, Zomato becomes successful in its IPO raising around 9,000 crores in the Indian market. It was also seen there are 38 times oversubscribed in its IPO. In the coming years, Zomato might become one of the excellent startups in India.


Lenskart is the best platform providing high-quality eyewear at affordable prices. This company has its presence both offline and online.

The company was driven by the striving entrepreneurs Peyush Bansal. He founded many successful companies across the US before starting Lenskart. His previous ventures were and

Now the Lenskart has more than 500+ stores with 4000+ employees. The success of the company lies in the continuous innovations and making seamless eyewear shopping experiences.


This platform is the one-stop solution for ticket booking. Whether you want to book a cinema ticket or for any shows or for any sports events Bookmy’s show is the ultimate solution.

The BookMyShow initial stages were remarkable. Always the company regarded the first internet company of India. Because the company was found in 2007 by Ashish Hemarajani where barely internet penetration started in India.

During the initial stages, the company founder Ashish would home deliver tickets to their users. Even the company sustained successfully during the recession period in 2007. 

The company was started by Ashish when he listen to the radio announcement of football tickets when he traveled abroad. After a tremendous surge in mobile and internet adoption rates in India, the company eventually become successful.

Now, BookMyShow functioning in 5 different countries and bagged 30+ million Indian users. It is one of the top 10 startups in India in 2021.


Every embarrassment and tough experience turns can give birth to big companies like OLA.

OLA has completely changed the automobile sector. The company made a huge impact on the taxi aggregator industry. Besides, the platform provides an online cab booking facility.

Bhavish Agarwal is the founder of the company. The one’s experienced a nasty experience with a taxi driver when he was reluctant to drop him at the destination. Eventually, Bhavish ended up walking back to his town.

With help of his co-founder Ankit Bhati, he builds the online taxi aggregator platform OLA in 2010. Since then the company did not have any setbacks. Constantly the company competing with its rival Uber.

The company valuation rose to $6.5 billion in 2019. Even the Ola entered into EV scooter space and build the world’s largest EVs vehicle manufacturing unit in Tamil Nadu. Now Ola is all set to launch its electric vehicle in 2021.


Flipkart is one of the largest players in the Indian e-commerce platform. The company also has a huge market share of 31.9% in India dominating Amazon.

The company was started by two former Amazon employees Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal in 2007. The duo started their journey in a 2BHK apartment in Bengaluru.

Now, the company had acquired by US retail brand Walmart. Further company’s valuation rose to $37 billion. Both Sachin and Binny Bansal are not working in the company.

Flipkart had a remarkable impact on the Indian marketplace and is also successful in employing millions of Indians.



Cred is one such startup has unique USP and solving major problem in India. This company reward paying credit card payments.

Even the startups send multiple notifications for fee payments. So, that users won’t forget to pay the due fees.

The companies mission is to provide an excellent and seamless experience in credit card bill payments. Also encouraging users to buy credit cards.

In CRED, on paying credit card bills users get cred coins. From those coins, they can shop for products and exclusive discounts on their platforms. So, that the company is rewarding loyal customers.

The company was founded in 2018 by Kunal Shah. Presently the company incurring huge losses but surely it emerges as a successful company. Due to its unique idea, it enlists under Top 10 startups in India 2021.

These were the top 10 startups in India 2021 that are tremendously impacting India. Besides, it is also attracting foreign investments. Eventually, contributing to GDP and overall development.

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