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Vogo startup story bike rental platform in India


Mobility is the most intense part of human life. Every day people travel for their work, college, schools, shops and many more.

The transportation problem in India is existing for decades. But there is no solution to ease out the situation. Public transportation cannot sort out the problem.

In this today’s world, people have to travel swiftly to catch up with time. But most of the time people are often stuck in traffic or inaccessible for public transportation.

As, everyone can’t afford their vehicle if, so the rate of pollution will be in insane level. So, the transport system is vulnerable and unfragmented.

As people in a metropolitan city, they always travel for meetings, office, and other chores quickly. If they are reliant on public transport then it will be a huge mess. Firstly, a lot of time is wasted in waiting and secondly, it is not efficient for shorter distances.

So, here there is a problem with transportation. To solve the problem Vogo startup is providing online bike rental services. As Vogo startup story is inspiring, solving mobility problems in society.

In this blog, one will get in-depth insights into the Vogo startup story.

Vogo Startup


Vogo is an Indian startup, provides online bike rental services to people. As the company charges a specific sum on the ride and to the distance.

Now, it is helping people to reach the place with Vogo scooters. One can get access to the Vogo scooters by installing the Vogo app. Then choose the destination, one gets a comfortable ride.

Vogo startup majority solves the mobility problems in the metropolitan cities. Anan Ayyadurai, Padmanabhan Balakrishnan, Sanchit Mittal are the founders of Voga. The three passionate buddies started Vogo in 2016.

Till now, the Vogo scooter accomplishes the 5 million rides. In addition, covered 30+ million KM.

 Further, Vogo scooters are accessible as it is available in all the hook and corner of the city. One can easily book a trip and ride the scooter and drop it at the nearest Vogo point.

Vogo rides primarily start with more affordable prices. So, one can easily reach the destination with no more hassle. 

As Vogo startup story, turns out to be a game-changer in the Indian mobility space. Eventually, providing essential services to the people.

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Vogo startup story

If there is a problem, then for sure there will be a solution. But one has to strive and put his sincere effort to bring the change.

Most of us are not going to attempt. Still trying to put the fault on the others. So, someone has to raise to solve the problem of the many.

The person with an entrepreneurial mindset never sets back instead he will be in front leading with mission and people. Here, entrepreneurs are trying to solve the people’s problems that exist in society.

Vogo startup story starts with major problems in society. Moving from home to office or college is a big mess. As the transportation is facility is not efficient and robust.

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Vogo Founder

As Vogo founder Anand Ayyadurai was passionate about the startup in his early 20s. He always trying to explore the field of entrepreneurship.

At one point, Anand Ayyadurai decided to drop out of IIT to get into the startup world. But he could not do it. Even though his thirst for entrepreneurship never ends.

At the age of 23, Anand Ayyadurai founded a travel aggregation startup with his friends. Then it could not sustain for a long time in the race.

So, after completing his graduation, he started working in a reputable Pharma company. There, Anand Ayyadurai embraces a journey in the technology field.

Then he gets to know about the valuable insights of technology. As he fell in love with the tech. Even other such incidents made to realize the power of technology in the modern-day world.

As Anand Ayyadurai was a book lover. He use to read fantasy stories. Once he did not get the Epic Fantasy series book in the local shops. Even after searching in a lot of shops, he did not get a copy. 

Then he got to about Flipkart, an e-commerce site. Where he got the book delivered to his home with a few clicks. At this point, Anand realized the potential of internet technology.

Further, his wish to work in a startup never-ending story. He was obsessed with startup culture. Finally, he got the chance to work in Flipkart as in the television category section.

In the first six months, he learned an immense amount of knowledge. As it was a completely new experience working in the startup environment. 

Then, in the next couple of years, Anand Ayyadurai worked in the startups like and Brain Valley. So, he turned to be a passionate learner.

Beginning of Vogo Startup Story

Further, with his immense knowledge in the startup world. Anand Ayyadurai is obsessed with starting a startup with the right kind of problem.

Then he came to know about the broken and inefficient potholes in the mobility sector. Even he came to know the problem and helplessness of owning the vehicle.

Mainly, college students are facing major issues while traveling. In addition, other people also get frustrated to travel in public transport, Because it takes a lot of time to reach the destination. 

With a lot of research and groundwork, Anand Ayyadrai started Vogo in 2016. Even his friends Padmanabhan Balakrishnan, and Sanchit Mittal also accompanied him.

In this way, Vogo startup story had turned out to be a classy example for the budding entrepreneurs. 

As Vogo startup started in the house in Kormangala, now it has an office consisting of over 100 employees.

Vogo Business model


Online bike rental platform, provides rides with affordable rides to its users. As the company is focussing on accelerating the mobility sector.

Even companies are trying to facilitate the scooter to its users. Now people are also ready to pay u if they get valuable services. Here Vogo gives a privilege to its users to ride the Vogo scooters with not much restriction.

Now how will be the Vogo company earn? This will be the primary question for many.

Here Vogo earns with the amount charged from its users. As the users have to pay according to the distance traveled. The main source of income depends on the revenue collected on rides.

So, Vogo startup is enhancing the quality of mobility services. Now, anyone can go anywhere with a Vogo scooter.

As, Anand Ayydurai plays a major role in the success of the Vogo startup. Vogo startup story main pillar in non another then Anand.

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