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Warren Buffet life overview – age ,family, education, principles

Who is Warren Buffett

Warren Buffet is one of the richest and all-time best investors of the US. Always known for his business tactics, generosity, and humbleness. Warren buffet’s net worth is about $US 103.8billion.

Warren Buffet’s age is 91years. (2021) born on 1930 August 30.

Warren Buffet Family

Wareen Buffet is the son of Howard Buffet a congressman and a stockbroker. Leila a housewife. Warren Buffet belongs to Omaha, Nebraska city in the US, and later shifted to Washington DC after the election victory of his father.

Warren Buffet’s children are of three Susan Alice Buffet(philanthropist), Howard Graham Buffett(business icon and Politian), and Peter Andrew Buffett(author and musician).

Warren buffet’s first wife was Susan Thompson and died in 2004. The buffets’ second was Astrid Menks

Warren Buffet education

Warren Buffet had a great interest in doing business, investing, making money with his effort and ideas and has always been a bright student and had an immense interest in Mathematics.

His early education was in Rose Hill Elementary School and Alice Deal Junior High School. His high school studies were completed at Woodrow Wilson High School.

Then he joined to Wharton School of the Unversity of Pennsylvania because of his father’s concern, as he wanted to drop education rather he would focus on investing and Business ventures.

After rejection from Harvard University, he completed his BA in Columbia Bussiness School.

Warren Buffett Business journey

Warren Buffet is very interested in doing business and always finds great pleasure in making money.

He was to observe which cooldrink were selling more near the shop then he would purchase and sell to people at a small margin and earned profit.

Even though his father was a politician he did many odd jobs like selling chewing gums, worked as a car cleaner and a newspaper boy, and many more. He was just doing to seek Pleasure in this financial journey.

Warren Buffett placed a pinball machine(the US $25 investment) in the salon as he observed that a lot of people are waiting for their turn. Instead of waiting Buffet urge them to play and made a great profit and made similar expansion in a lot of stores. Eventually sold the business for the US $1000.

Warren Buffet also purchased shares when was 11 years old and sold when raised for a small margin and later get frustrated when came to know the share still raised with 10x time. There he learned a way of investing.

Buffett had a great knowledge of finance used this skill and taught other students investing principles and made a decent sum.

He also urged his friend to invest in shares and they also invested Buffett’s guidance on Sanborn Company. Made great profit and also obtain 50% return on investment in 2 years.

With this sum, Buffett purchased shares from Berkshire Hathaway a Textile industry, eventually, he purchases almost all shares and become chairman of the company and it is now Warren Buffett’s company on whole.

As of the latest news in 2021 , Warren Buffett will no longer be the chairman instead Greg Able(vice-chairman who runs noninsurance operation) take charge. (reference from CNBC news)

Warren Buffetts stocks

Warren Buffet started investing the companies which had a long-term goal like Apple, Cocoa, American Express, Version, Us Bancorp, and in the much-reputed company.


Warren Buffett and Benjamin Graham

Warren was a great student of Benjamin in the university always seen as brightest of all and he listened to Benjamin’s teachings with great passion and love for the subject.

Then he worked in his company after a lot of effort and stubborn behavior. There he learned a lot of things about finance-related things.

Later there was a clash between them because they disagreement on each other principles on finance.

Warren Buffet Philanthropist

He is always known for his kind-hearted and humbleness. He did not have a great love for money and seek pleasure when donates. He donated the US $30 billion till 2006 to charity and promises that majority of his stakes will be present to the trusts after his death.

Warren Buffet investing principles

warren buffet investing principles

Warren always used his financial knowledge and his experience to invest in any venture

  1. He always invested on those company which had long term vision and had a great future. Buffet would happily wait for his returns. Long-term investments were a key success for his journey.           
  2. Warren always had a close relationship with the CEO, he did not always invest in any company with prior knowledge of team members. Warren believes a good team can make and sustain a great company for a long duration. Warren observes both company and members’ potential and then invests. As also made investment India’s startup Paytm.
  3. Warren waits for too long as he will not sell his share when it rose. He would analyze the company worth for the future and make a decision

Warren Buffet lives a happy life in his house called Warren Buffett house in Omaha, Nebraska an old house, bought by his profits. Even though he so rich he prefers to live over there. Still drives the same old car “Cadillac XTS”.He is a man known for his simplicity and generosity.

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