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All about Truecaller: Its features


what is Truecaller

Truecaller is a platform where its main focus is to protect users from spam calls and also it has identified and blocked over 10 Billion spam calls till now from all over the world, so one can easily find his/her beloved people’s contact numbers. Truecaller is like a modern-day phone directory with on 195 million users.


Truecaller is founded by Alan Mamedi and Nami Zarringhalam in 2009 in Sweden.

Features of Truecaller

  • In Truecaller one can easily find the unknown person’s details instantly when he is calling. It displays his/her name and place.
  • These days the number of calls you receive out of it majority will be from loans agents, advertiser, telecom, frauds, and many more.

To tackle this problem, this platform provides the user spam identification when they are calling and display whether it’s from a company or bank or an individual.

  • one can easily place one’s number in the blocklist and make sure’s he never gets a call once again.
  • Truecaller lets the users see their latest transaction details

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New features

  • IN the truecaller app, you can find an option called “Personal safety” then you have to install another app called “Guardian” and then it automatically integrates with Truecaller. This allows the user to get informed to the selected guardian that where he is whether he is safe or not or need any help.
  • This platform also provides instant loans for its users up to 5 lakhs with lower interest and in the paperless procedure.

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Premium plans of Truecaller

Truecaller extends its more and effective services in its premium models. So one can easily make use of it by paying a minimal amount

Features of premium plans

  • One can easily find out the other person’s details who had seen their profile.
  • One can send a request for the contact details of the specified person
  • You will be free from horrible ads/popups
  • You can find others profile without being identified by them
  • Spam and call blocking becomes still more effective.

Your profile looks professional from the badge add-on

How Truecaller earns

  1. Advertisement: As you can see truecaller shows ads in its app and call logs when the call ends then also ads pop-ups.
  2. Data-sharing:It is having over millions of contacts so it can share contact details to so and so company for business growth so the company can send a message for the targeted customers. Truecaller charges accordingly.
  3. Premium fee: most of the revenue comes from this way as the user updated to premium model as he gets a lot of benefits
  4. Verifying Bussiness: As of now day, other businesses want specific contact ids to separate identity so they reach the consumers without any complication. So the this platform charges a fee to provide desired contacts id for the companies. Next times users can easily identify the companies call conveniently

These are the short insights about the app. This app provides one of the best services to people around the world.Install the true caller app now.

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