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Electric bike taxis in Karnataka: Here are the guidelines


Electric vehicles are the future of the world. Every country is striving to go green. The ultimate goal is to reduce carbon emissions and reduce the greenhouse effect.

Even Karnataka is also deeply engaged in controlling pollution. Moreover, they are worried about the heavy traffic in metropolitan cities.

On 14th July 2021, Karnataka Chief Minister B.S. Yediurappa announced the guideline of Electric bike taxis in Karnataka.

Here are the important guidelines/rules for the Electic Bike taxis

  1. To own an Electric bike taxis, one has to deposit 5000 rupees. It is like a security deposit. One has liable to deposit this sum in local RTO. This is exempted to individual owners of the e-bike and only applicable for aggregators.
  2. These electric bike services are limited to up to 10KM. So, customers can only travel with shore distances like 0-5KM or 5-10Km.
  3. Any individual can become an electric bike taxi driver by taking a license from the Local Road Transport. Even. the license validity will be up to 5 years.
  4. Any customer who is above 15 years of age can book an e-bike taxi.
  5. The hirer should not come with heavy pieces of luggage. This action is not entertainable. So, customers hardly can carry a suitcase or a bag. This protocol has taken to ensure the safety of the both customer and the rider.
  6. An E-bike taxi should cover the insurance claim. So, the e-bike owner must make insurance.
  7. To ensure more safety protocol, Both rider and customer wear yellow colored helmets. Along, the rider has to wear a reflective jacket.
  8. Electric Bike taxis should have a “bike taxi” tag in the vehicle. Even the driver’s name and phone number should also imprint on the vehicle.
  9. Any e-bike aggregator must have to integrate GPS tracking of the vehicle. Any aggregator that has more than 50 vehicles should follow the protocol.

These are some of the essential rules for E-bike taxi services. These rules are made according to safety and are beneficial for both riders and users.

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Ola Electric bikes

This move from the government is very beneficial for e-bike manufacturer Ola. Because this move can ramp up the demand for e-bike and eventually benefits the manufacturer.

Ola has constructed the world’s biggest electric two-wheeler bike factory in Tamil Nadu. This factory is up to 500 acres.

some of the features of ola electric bikes

  1. The e-bike can charge up to 50% within 18 minutes. Even the bike on the stage also can move up to 75 kM. Int total e-vehicle can give 150Km.
  2. The Ola claims that it is almost at the end of manufacturing 2 million Electric bikes. Even it promises to ramp up the production to 10 million by 2022.
  3. Now Ola has opened the pre-booking the e-bikes with a refundable amount of 499 rupees. Click here to pre-book

Bike aggregators company

Even bike aggregators companies like Bounce, Rapido, and Ola get the opportunity to work with e-vehicles seamlessly.

Vivekananda Hallekere CEO and co-founder told that the company can install 50,000 e-vehicles in Bengaluru. They are also very excited to be part of the e-vehicles sector and to continue their bike-sharing business.

Aravind Sanka, Co-founder of Rapido encouraged and lauded the government move.

He considers that this is the best opportunity for individuals to earn their livelihood. Even an individual can save a lot on fuel and also can reduce traffic to a great extent.

Electric bike taxis can help individuals to earn during this pandemic. Besides, this is also a good opportunity for startups to enter into electric vehicle space.

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