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Apna Success Story Online Job Portal


Completing graduation is not a big task. But looking for jobs after graduation is the hardest to do. It is not so easy to get relevant jobs.

There is a lot of competition in the outside scenario. For one job opening, there are more than 100 applicants will be waiting. This is the level of demand for jobs in reality.

Even after completing engineering, it is tough to find one good job. Every year nearly 1.5 million engineers graduate. But the availability of the jobs is fewer.

Many online job portal cheats the job seekers. There is a lot of disruption in the job finding process.

Now to tackle the problem, many startups are have raising the platforms of jobs search.

One such startup is Apna. It is an online job portal platform where is dedicates to all blue-collar and white-collar jobs.

Here there is the complete story of Apna success story.



It is a Bengaluru-based startup where it provides a platform for job seekers. Here any graduates or undergraduates can apply for jobs. 

The platform also provides the option to connect with working professionals. Even one can easily get into the groups and discuss any job opening.

Apna startup was founded in 2019. It aims to provide an ethical and loyal job portal platform for all. Even it wants to solve the problem of the unemployment rate in India.

Nirmit Parikh is the founder Apan app. He is a startup enthusiast. Even he was a product designer in Apple company. But his thrust on startups and problem solving made him come so far.

Apan startup has done a lot of great things down the line. Till now, the platform had done more than 3 crores+ job interviews. So, the platform had made a lot of efforts to remove unemployment.

Subsequently, the user base is also ramping up and now it touches more than 10 million. These all users are very desperate for jobs.

In this online job portal, there are more than 5 million job openings will be available. So, there are chances of getting jobs are high. Even Apan app has more the 1.5+ lakh employees on the platform. Therefore, there are no chances of any kind of bribery at the job portal.

Now Apna startup had turn unicorn in 2021. It is one of the fastest startups to get the status of Unicorn within 20 months of its launch.

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Story behind Apna Success Story


There are many ways to tackle the problems. So, it all depends on us on fighting against the problem. 

Every problem has solutions but we have to find one. Now in the tech-inclusive modern-day world, Startups are solving real major problems in society.

Entrepreneurs are taking all the initiatives to solve the existing problem in the world.

Nirmit Parikh has also had the desire to start a startup. Even he is a very enthusiastic, brave, and dynamic entrepreneur in this today’s world. Now he is the main reason for Apna success story. 

 He has great interest and knowledge of businesses. On top of that, he graduates from Harvard Business school.

Before starting Apna, he was not new to the startup ecosystem. He had already begun his entrepreneurial journey at age of 21 itself.

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Entrepreneurship journey

Apna founder, Nirmit Parikh had in the field of entrepreneurship at the of 21. Till now he had built two successful startups.

His desires and interest in solving problems using technology made him get into this field.

His first startup, Incone was solving the problem of floods. Now, this is the major concern of each and every state. Every year heavy rains result in floods. As a result, it creates havoc and takes aways the lives of many people.

Floods are due to mismanagement in channelizing the water flow. So, this made him think to bring innovative ideas.

Now, Nirmit Parikh with the use of technology, made dam automation techniques to control the floods. Even he became successful in the mission.

In Gujurat, the installment of the technology, Nirmit Parikh was successful in eliminating the floods. It was one of the greatest achievements in his life. His work was inspirational to all.

As a result, Nirmit Parikh led to becoming the World Economic Forum Global Shaper.

Then his interest in entrepreneurship was in progress, he found another venture Cruxbot. It is an innovative platform where it will use create products using Artificial Intelligence.

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The main aim of the platform is to create smart technology and introduce it to the world.

Finally, the startup Curxbot was acquired by Kno and then Intel.

 Beginning of Apna success story

Back then, Nirmirt Parikh was working in Apple as a product and strategy engineer. Still, he was not satisfied with him.

Later, Nirmit came to know the disruption in the job-seeking process in India. Also came to know about the status of the unemployment rate. Further, his exposure to the means practices done to get a job made him feel horrible.

As Nirmit Parikh had a mindset of solving the problem with the technology made him quit Apple in 2019. He makes up his mind to solve the problems of the youths and the unemployment rate.

In 2019, Nirmit Parikh founded Apna startup. The platform to get 100% verified jobs. It focuses on getting blue-collar jobs as well.

Apna startup made the job-seeking process easy. This platform became the one-stop solution for all job seekers. Now it is a social platform, upskilling, and recruitment platform.

Even Apna app got appreciation from Google as one of the best apps in 2020. This platform provides loyal and best services as an online job portal.

Then Apna startup is also regarded as one of the fastest Unicore. As it becomes a unicorn within 20 months of its launch. 

Apna startup became unicorn after securing 100 million of funding in its series C round. The funding round was led by Tiger global.

Till now, it was able to raise 193.5 million from 5 funding rounds. Major investors are Sequoia Capital, Insight Partners, GSV ventures, Owl Ventures, Tiger Global, and many more.

Apna success story was one of the inspiration stories for all the budding entrepreneurs. To become a successful entrepreneur it is vital to have a problem-solving skill that is existing in society.

Nirmit Parikh is an inspirational entrepreneur and the main pillar for the Apna success story.

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